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You Complete Me 小风暴之时间的玫瑰 Episode 17 Plot

Gao Shan thinks that although Kang Ming fled while taking advantage of the chaos, the evidence is solid and the police will catch him soon. Su Meihe feels that he has not been so refreshed for a long time, and he is very happy.

There was a pouring rain in the sky. There was no Lin Wo with an umbrella. He ran awkwardly in the rain. At this time, the mountain appeared and put the suit on Lin Wo’s head. The two ran to the coffee shop to avoid the rain. Lin Wo asked him how he checked. Going to Kangming’s private company to lead the trade, Gao Shan told her that after Su Meihe suspected that Kangming had a problem with Kangming, she kept observing him secretly.

She suspected the relationship between Kangming and the lead, so she found evidence along the way. The fraudulent accounts was just a smoke bomb released before. The photos of the previous negotiations were also bought by Gao Gao to persuade Wu Dongna. Wu Dongna can weigh the pros and cons. After knowing the truth, she also feels hopeless. It is better to give a favor to make Kang Ming feel that he has a handle in his hand. Relax your vigilance and do some more transactions by the way.

Although Kang Ming is not as insidious as Sun Li, his methods are more vicious. Gao Shan feels that Lin Wo is the representative of Dalong. He does not want her to be threatened, and leads Lin Wo not to be concealed. After all, her goal in the future is to become the most powerful headhunter. Open a headhunting company of your own, or you can have a small home of your own, with people you like, but Gao Shan feels that he has no future, only a painful past. Concealment is his own survival instinct, and life falls on him. Branding, Lin Wo was curious about the life Gaoshan had experienced.

Gao Shan kept telling himself that the grievances with Qin Shengsheng had nothing to do with Lin Wo. He wanted to let Lin Wo leave while the scar had not been torn apart. He didn’t want to ruin her life. So Gao Shan began to alienate Lin Wo. Tell Lin Wo that I didn’t experience it personally. All the empathy is just a simple expression of kindness. I don’t want Lin Wo to become that kind of person. After all, she is a daughter of the Dalong Group. She was born with a golden spoon, completely different from herself. , Maybe the two of them should think about whether each other is suitable, Gao Shan proposed to break up.

When the two were arguing, Kang Ming drove to the two of them. It was very thrilling, so that Lin Wo and Gao Shan cleverly avoided. It turned out that the angry Kang Ming felt that the mountain had ruined everything about him and wanted to put him to death. People began to run away. Gao Shan suggested running separately. He went to lead Kang Ming away and asked Lin Wo to find someone to rescue him. At this time, Kang Ming got off the car and stabbed Gao Shan with a knife. After several rounds, Gao Shan was used by Kang Ming. When the bottle hit the head and became groggy, Lin Wo rushed to the mountain and blocked him.

At this time, Su Yuan came and subdued Kang Ming, but Lin Wo fainted. Gao Shan hurriedly sent her to the hospital for rescue. Fortunately, the operation was successful and her life was out of danger. Qin Shengsheng and Zheng Wanying rushed to the hospital and learned Lin Wo breathed a sigh of relief without any danger.

Wu Dongna was stopped by a few strange men, saying that she was coming to collect debts. Su Yuan said that she would follow along when they saw this. Several people came to a residential building. Wu Dongna said that her brother Wu Nan was here, and she warned Wu Nan not to Tell others about your information, otherwise you will call the police.

Gaoshan’s mother had a serious liver disease and was not in good health. He went to visit his mother and remembered his father’s sudden withdrawal of capital because of Qin Shengsheng’s sudden withdrawal of capital, which caused the capital chain to break and the factory to go bankrupt.

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