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You Complete Me 小风暴之时间的玫瑰 Episode 18 Plot

Gaoshan’s father promised to give his employees a satisfactory explanation, even if he lost his life. At this time, someone came to report that something happened to Qingqing’s family. His family invested all the money in it and borrowed a lot. Now that I heard that the factory was going to close down, I couldn’t think of opening it for a while. I turned on the gas tank and all kinds of things happened. It became the last straw that crushed my father. He chose to jump off the building to solve the problem. Gao Shan watched his father in front of him When she died, her mother was frightened and became crazy on the spot. Since then, Gao Shan has no longer smiles and a good life.

Gao Shan came to see her mother. Her memory has always been in Gao Shan’s student days. She always said that her father would go home soon and let him go back to school to study after dinner. Gao Shan planned to let her mother live in another place. At this time, her mother saw The newspaper with Qin Shengsheng’s article suddenly became angry.

Lin Wo, who was awake, looked for traces of Gaoshan everywhere. He learned from Su Yuan that Gaoshan had changed to a new hotel. Something must have happened. Su Yuan was planning to pick up Lin Wo, but Qin Shengsheng shot two people standing at the door of the ward to protect Lin Wo, let no one approach, fearing that she would encounter danger again, Su Yuan and Lin Wo had to find a way to escape.

Su Yuan put on a wig and disguised as a nurse. He wanted to enter Linwo’s ward, but accidentally exposed the stuff. So he scuffled with the two of them. Wu Dongna also rushed to help, and the three of them went to find Gaoshan together.

Gao Shan took her mother to Zhuhai, intending to transfer her to the hospital. Lin Wo found his new address and asked her why she had lost contact for so many days, and the phone and text messages could not be answered. Gao Shan said that the two had broken up. Lin Wo accused her Gao Shan played with feelings. It was him who started feelings and ended up. He treated feelings as a stand-alone game.

He ended the game as soon as he didn’t want to play. Gao Shan admitted that he started too hasty and did not fully consider the possibility of two people. For the two of them, stopping loss in time is the best way, but Linwo still finds it difficult to accept this fact, not knowing what went wrong, making the two people so strange, she cried and ran away, watching Gao Shan couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable with Lin Wo’s sad back. He really didn’t want to see Lin Wo hurt anymore.

Lin Wo wanted to leave the hospital. Zheng Wanying stopped her. She told Lin Wo that she and Qin Shengsheng only got together after he divorced Lin Wo’s mother. The two divorced because of their disagreements, not because of her appearance. Lin Wo didn’t believe it.

Wu Dongna guessed that there must be something in Gaoshan to stay in the Skyscraper, and Dalong was probably the reason he wanted to stay, so she started investigating Gaoshan’s mother and came to her new nursing home and found his mother. Crazy, at this time Gaoshan appeared, and the two chatted together. Wu Dongna apologized to him. She shouldn’t break into his life without saying a word.

She didn’t know that Gaoshan’s mother would be like this, but she would keep a secret for him. Takayama explained that his family is not as perfect as everyone thinks. He really wanted to get the Dalong listing case before. The skyscraper is the best choice after rational analysis, and even if he succumbs to others, he will desperately seize every one. Opportunity to stand up.

Wu Dongna felt that Gao Shan won the Yijia acquisition on the surface, but it also means that Sun Li will do whatever it takes to suppress him, and Lin Wo will be his life-saving straw, but he chose to interact with Lin at this time. Wo broke up and put aside the relationship. It was really strange. Gao Shan said that he and Lin Wo were not suitable, and the harm caused by reluctantly going down would not be less than now, but Wu Dongna saw that Gao Shan was moved to Lin Wo.

At this time, Lin Wo and Su Yuan happened to meet Gao Shan and Wu Dongna who were talking. Gao Shan felt that Lin Wo was too good. If he continued to use this feeling, he would not be worthy of Lin Wo, and he felt more guilty for her.

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