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Deputy Ko, lovely to me


‘ Where to tell a teacher like the sky without giving up … Wook … Wow .’ It was because I ate alcohol that I could not eat . Even if I had an accident, I had a major accident . It is also on the white luxury shirt of the new team leader and his student Kang Kang Star .

“ You must have accumulated a lot on me , deputy late ?”

“Is it stacked up ? Team leader . I swear I don’t have that !”

It was him whom I met after 9 years . Aleunche when trying to get to the heart rather glad doentong was true that the art feels the upper limit , it was an obvious mistake ,

What should I do with this ? Maybe the company is not being cut off ?

“If you can go over this work, I will devote my whole body to work !”

“ Really … Is it possible for me to devote the whole body , and substitute ? “

How did the company endure . I can offer it … It could be … … . His serpentine smile It made my mind very anxious .

Deputy Ko, lovely to me
Associated Names: 내겐 사랑스러운 고 대리
Panpyrin J
Genres: romance
Year: 2020.11.09
Status: N/A

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