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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 21 Recap

Xia Ranran hurried to the company and brought ice cream to Su Mo to apologize for what happened yesterday, but Su Mo showed no sympathy, saying that Xia Ranran felt that the world was all around her. Xia Ranran angrily retorted, it was obviously her. I have been making Su Mo and two quarrel directly because of a late incident four years ago.

Xia Ranran said that Su Mo loves barbecue and always loves to take her there, but Xia Ranran doesn’t like it at all and may even be allergic. Su Mo was very speechless. At that time, everyone in the school said she was Xia Ranran’s pet! Xia Ranran refuted Su Mo’s inferiority complex.

Su Mo suddenly exploded. She was inferior and pitiful. Then why did Xia Ranran want to be friends with her! The two were tit-for-tat and neither of them would give in. Shao Mingzhe, who saw this scene in the distance, called Su Mo to persuade her to stop making trouble, but Su Mo asked him to date him before he could start work. Shao Mingzhe immediately agreed. Xia Ranran thought that Lin Xiangan was on the phone, so he swore at the phone and hung up. Su Mo suddenly changed his attitude and started shooting, and Xia Ranran was also caught off guard.

Shao Kai came to see Shao Mingzhe and saw that he was not there, so he heard the secretary calling someone and said that Shao Mingzhe would not accept anything from this lady. Shao Kai was very curious. The secretary said that the lady had given Shao Mingzhe food, drinks and flowers for several days. Shao Kai took back what the lady had put on the front desk. The sender’s information was not available. There was a bottle of perfume and a note in it. It said that this is my taste, and it was the first time I met you. taste.

Chen Luo asked yesterday that no one received Xia Ranran’s call. Xia Ranran angrily took out the call record and said that he had not lied, and he wanted to cancel cooperation with Su Mo. Chen Luo did not agree with Xia Ranran’s doing this. If she made this call and left the company, it was definitely not Su Mo. If Xia Hongyuan made a choice between her and Su Mo, that person would definitely not be Xia Ranran. Xia Ranran said he didn’t believe it, but didn’t have the courage to bear it.

After Su Mo finished work, he sent a message to Shao Mingzhe, and Shao Mingzhe had to pick her up for a date. When Su Mo and others met Peng Jing, Peng Jing put Xia Ranran and Su Mo on the opposite side in a few words, saying that she hated Xia Ranran, and knew about the affairs between Su Mo and Xia Ranran, so she wanted Su Mo Help her kick Xia Ranran out of the game. Su Mo said that she didn’t like participating in factional fights. Peng Jing threatened that if she didn’t agree, she would help Xia Ranran kick Su Mo out of the game. The Nanjiao Cultural and Sports project was very important to Su Mo.

Professor Chen called Xia Hongyuan and said that the medicine was okay, but there was no medicine in his blood. Xia Hongyuan sighed and asked Professor Chen to keep it secret. Turning around, Xia Hongyuan saw Chenchen playing with him, saying that he was making medicine for his parents, but replaced the powder in Xia Hongyuan’s medicine with something else, and said innocently that his mother did just that. Xia Hongyuan’s heart sank, but when Peng Jing came back, she pretended that nothing had happened.

Su Mo dressed up and went on a date with Shao Mingzhe. In the car, Su Mo did not answer the call from Lin Xiangan, so Lin Xiangan sent her a voice saying that he could not go back to make dinner for her. Suddenly, Shao Kai went to Shao Mingzhe’s house. Omelet and others hurriedly hid. Shao Mingzhe told Omelet that Shao Kai must not be allowed in or let him know about them. Shao Kai couldn’t open the door and couldn’t find Shao Mingzhe, leaving with a depressed look. Su Mo begged Shao Mingzhe to go to the movies with herself. She only hoped that they could bid farewell to the place they had been. Xia Ranran worried that Chen Luo was still angry, but Chen Luo had already found Shary, who answered the phone yesterday. Shary said she did answer the phone, but she didn’t intentionally forget it. At that time, Peng Jing asked her to help, and it was too late to return. .

Xia Ranran began to introspect because of Su Mo’s words, and asked Chen Luo if he was a terrible child before, and then asked himself or Su Mo which was more annoying. Shao Kai suddenly called Xia Ranran to meet, and said some strange things after the meeting, and advised her to pay more attention to Shao Mingzhe so as not to get out of time.

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