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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 22 Recap

Shao Kai obviously had something to say, and gave Xia Ranran a perfume, saying that there was only so much that could help her. Xia Ranran felt that the smell of perfume seemed to have been smelled somewhere before, and couldn’t remember it for a while. Shao Mingzhe and Su Mo were playing golf, and Su Mo was very upset when the egg roll called.

After the game, Shao Mingzhe wanted to bid farewell to Su Mo. He happened to receive a call from Xia Ranran, but Su Mo held him and refused to let him answer. He kept saying how much he missed him, saying that he saw him and Xia Ranran. How sad to be together. Seeing that Shao Mingzhe was not answering the phone, Xia Ranran had to ask him to answer the call. Xia Ranran asked if Egg Roll and Shao Mingzhe were together, and Egg Roll wanted to meet and talk with her.

Su Mo said that she would not marry Lin Xiangan. She would find time to break up. Love is not for repaying kindness. Su Mo doesn’t love Lin Xiangan at all. Shao Mingzhe felt that Su Mo couldn’t abandon Lin Xiangan’s everything to enjoy love with ease. She was very entangled. Su Mo asked if Shao Mingzhe fell in love with Xia Ranran, and Shao Mingzhe answered frankly, yes, he and Su Mo came out today for Xia Ranran, and everything about them happened in the past. Su Mo refused to listen, and took Shao Mingzhe to accompany him to dinner.

When the egg roll was driving, Su Mo and Shao Mingzhe were a little surprised to find that Su Mo and Shao Mingzhe were in a car, and they were a little distracted while eating with Xia Ranran. The two were in Lin Xiang’an’s shop, and the egg roll asked Xia Ranran to call Shao Mingzhe to come over. They also said that Xia Ranran and Shao Mingzhe had changed and became feminine after being together. The egg roll asked Lin Xiangan and Su Mo when they planned to get married, and if Xia Ranran’s child had finished giving birth, she also said that Shao Mingzhe and Xia Ranran had spent the night together.

Xia Ranran gritted her teeth to stop them. Su Mo said he wanted to eat beef porridge made by Shao Mingzhe, so Shao Mingzhe drove to the Lin Xiang’an store. Su Mo refused to get off the car, but Shao Mingzhe said he was serious. But Su Mo didn’t dare to lose the title of Lin Xiaodong’s daughter-in-law.

Shao Mingzhe entered the store. Egg rolls and Xia Ranran were very happy to see him. Xia Ranran told him that Shao Kai had found himself, said some inexplicable things, and turned around and said he had a woman outside. Xia Ranran invited Lin Xiangan to sit down and eat together. Lin Xiangan glanced at Shao Mingzhe and refused. Not long after, Su Mo pretended to meet by chance and entered the store, and sat at a table with Shao Mingzhe and others, and Lin Xiangan also sat down quickly when he saw it.

Su Mo glared at Shao Mingzhe, and then asked Xia Ranran how she met him, and how many competitors she had defeated to catch him. Shao Mingzhe said that he was chasing Xia Ranran. Su Mo asked Shao Mingzhe what Xia Ranran likes. Shao Mingzhe calmly spoke, saying that Xia Ranran’s body has many attractions. She is very simple in feelings, so she only knows what to do. Do it, silly and cute. Su Mo connoted that there is a secret in lying between Shao Mingzhe and Xia Ranran, but Xia Ranran first said that Shao Mingzhe would not lie. Su Mo fought back against Xia Ranran.

He always liked the things he liked. Even the perfume he sprayed today was the same one. The egg rolls couldn’t stand anymore, and Su Motu was speechless in a few words. Xia Ranran said that she had never thought of embarrassing Su Mo. She had already taken a step. Why did Su Mo stay in the past. Xia Ranran didn’t know why Su Mo repeatedly lost her temper today, but I hope she understands that they still have one very important thing to do together.

Xia Ranran, Shao Mingzhe, and Dan Juan got up and left. Lin Xiangan came out to apologize for Su Mo and said that he would help them pack some porridge. The egg roll pushed Xia Ranran into the car first, and then asked about the relationship between Shao Mingzhe and Su Mo, but he clearly saw Su Mo in his car. Shao Mingzhe had to admit that Su Mo was his ex-girlfriend, and said that he must make it clear with Xia Ranran. The egg roll is silly, Shao Mingzhe’s ex-girlfriend is Su Mo? Su Mo wanted to go home first. Lin Xiangan said that her attitude towards Xia Ranran was a bit too much, and thought she was moved by her own vinegar, Su Mo didn’t know what to say for a while.

Xia Ranran asked Shao Mingzhe to find a hotel to drop her down, but Shao Mingzhe found that there was a car following him, who should be Shao Kai’s. So, Shao Mingzhe hugged Xia Ranran affectionately, and Xia Ranran also went back to Shao Mingzhe’s house. The person who followed the two was still waiting downstairs after they went upstairs, and Shao Kai specially asked him to follow them closely. Shao Mingzhe and Xia Ranran were running together. Thinking of Lin Xiangan’s gentle and considerate appearance to Su Mo just now, Xia Ranran asked him to wipe his sweat. Unexpectedly, Shao Mingzhe threw the towel directly on her head, and Xia Ranran became muffled.

Xia Ranran asked Shao Mingzhe if she really likes her. If you like someone, you should treat her well, but she can’t feel that Shao Mingzhe treats her well. The strange thing is that Shao Mingzhe didn’t respond to Xia Ranran’s rudeness, but Xia Ranran was so good to Su Mo, but she felt sorry for her and hated her for a lifetime. Shao Mingzhe told her that it was useless to struggle with the past, and she decided not to look back when she decided to go forward. Shao Mingzhe wanted to confess with Xia Ranran, but the egg roll told him that he must not say that girls would care about this relationship very much.

Lin Xiangan happily told Su Mo that the business in the store was very good recently, and that he had a lot of fans, but Su Mo didn’t listen at all. He just said casually to tell him not to look at other women, Lin Xiangan was very happy. The Food Safety Bureau came to check that there was no sanitation permit in the shop, and Lin Xiangan’s shop was fined and closed for rectification. Early in the morning, the egg rolls reported product data to Shao Mingzhe, but Shao Mingzhe went downstairs and found that Xia Ranran was no longer in the room. Peng Jingxin found a nanny, and Xia Hongyuan took out the drug test report, saying that he believed in Peng Jing.

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