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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 23 Recap

Xia Hongyuan showed Peng Jing the drug test report, which proved that she was innocent, Peng Jing was relieved immediately, Xia Hongyuan did not forget to tell her not to care about Xia Ranran. Su Mo did not modify the design plan, and Xia Ranran was very dissatisfied. Su Mo countered her opinion alone and could not represent everyone. Peng Jing also came to the meeting suddenly and learned that Xia Ranran and Su Mo had different opinions and wanted to vote by show of hands, but unexpectedly Peng Jing was on Su Mo’s side, and Su Mo won by five votes.

After thinking about it, Xia Ranran still felt that something was wrong. She felt that she had been calculated by them. Angrily rushed to Peng Jing’s office to question. Peng Jing proudly took out the drug test report. It was clearly written that there was no problem with the medicine. . Peng Jing satirized Xia Ranran that the evidence was not worth mentioning, and tore up the report in front of her. Peng Jing and Su Mo ate together. Su Mo said that she had given up drinking.

Peng Jing thought she wanted a child, but Su Mo didn’t speak. The designer Shaw asked was a big British designer. Su Mo had worked for him. Peng Jing smiled and said that this time he would stage a master-apprentice battle. Xia Ranran arrived suddenly, sat next to them and started to eat. She told Peng Jing that all the tricks she used to hurt her were taught by Su Mo, and that Peng Jing’s knives in the back were no better than Su. Mocha. Peng Jing got up and left, Xia Ranran pulled Su Mo and refused to let her go.

Peng Jing asked how Chen Luo and Xia Ranran were developing and whether they were with him in the past two days. Chen Luo didn’t know that she hadn’t returned home these days. Peng Jing warned Chen Luo that if Xia Ranran really gets better with Shao Mingzhe, the last chance in his life will be gone. Xia Ranran asked Su Mo if she had a bottom line. In order to deal with herself, she actually joined hands with Peng Jing. She had never done anything to apologize to Su Mo. Su Mo was by her side when Peng Jing broke her home. Now they are on the side.

Xia Ranran asked Su Mo if she remembered that it was Peng Jing who broke up her family. When Xia Hongyuan went to Peng Jing, Han Yun was calm and relaxed. Xia Ranran angrily called her a cold-blooded animal, but Han Yun Tell her that she is going to the UK, if she still recognizes her mother, come to the UK to find her. Xia Ranran watched Xia Hongyuan and Han Yun leave one by one, while Su Mo was by her side.

Su Mo said that because they were friends before, it doesn’t mean that they will be friends forever. At the beginning, Su Mo wanted to study abroad, but he was reluctant to part with Shao Mingzhe. Xia Ranran advised her to study in the UK. If he loves you, he will wait for you. Wake up in the memory, Su Mo and Xia Ranran are still at war. Su Mo got up and left. He also told Chen Luo not to let go if he really liked Xia Ranran.

Chen Luo immediately entered the box. The brand data is very good. Shao Mingzhe called Xia Ranran to announce the good news, but Xia Ranran was very drunk alone, busy complaining to Chen Luo and did not answer the phone. Xia Ranran picked it up the second time, and Shao Mingzhe knew she was drinking. Xia Ranran hung up the phone, then drank with Chen Luo, and said that Peng Jing did not give Xia Hongyuan any medicine at all. She had no evidence. Xia Hongyuan even said that Peng Jing was a family member. It turns out that the closest distance in the world is to share a bed, the furthest one. Distance is connected by blood.

Chen Luo was very entangled, and asked Xia Ranran if she was with Shao Mingzhe these days. Chen Luo persuaded Xia Ranran to go to a new place and live a happy and simple life, but Xia Ranran could not do that. She had to take care of Xia Hongyuan. Xia Ranran held Chen Luo’s face to make him smile more, otherwise he would grow old. Chen Luo was a little dazed. Xia Ranran turned his head and rekindled fighting spirit and said that he would continue to look for Han Yun, and said that the person was not Han at all. Yun, Peng Jing lied to her! Chen Luo sipped his head and took a sip of wine, saying that he wanted to avenge her.

Lin Xiangan deliberately went home early to live with Su Mo, but Su Mo coldly said that she still had to work. Su Mo did an internship at Paul Newman Design Institute, a designer invited by Shaw Brothers for three years, but he still hasn’t become a regular employee because he feels that Su Mo has no talent. Lin Xiang’an and Su Mo said they wanted to go out to relax, but she didn’t have time.

Lin Xiangan was very worried. Recently, Su Mo worked too hard and worried that she would break down on the wedding day. Su Mo said that she would cancel the wedding because the Southern Suburb project is very important to her, and she does not want to get married now, and she does not want all her efforts to be exchanged because she is the daughter-in-law of the Lin family. Lin Xiangan was stunned, and suddenly realized that Su Mo wanted to prove to Shao Mingzhe that she still loves him, so what is he!

Xia Ranran, who had just left the restaurant after drinking, was slipped into the car by Shao Mingzhe, beat Chen Luo and warned him again not to touch his woman. This scene was also filmed by Shao Kai’s people. The degumming of the new series of sports shoes is more serious, and Shao Kai did not take it seriously. Shao Mingzhe took care of Xia Ranran, Xia Ranran approached him and suddenly asked if his ex-girlfriend was as good-looking as Su Mo. Xia Ranran asked Shao Mingzhe if she still loved her. That day, Shao Mingzhe said that she liked herself so seriously.

She almost believed it, but she felt that Shao Mingzhe was pitying herself. Xia Ranran didn’t want to be a supporting role in other people’s stories, and asked Shao Mingzhe not to do this to her again. Shao Mingzhe almost blurted out his relationship with Su Mo, and swallowed again thinking of the egg roll. Xia Ranran refused to believe that Shao Mingzhe liked her, and recognized him as a good buddy, Shao Mingzhe was speechless.

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