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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 24 Recap

The egg roll once told Lin Xiangan that Xia Ranran was very confident when he was a child, but after experiencing Su Mo and Lin Xiang’an, he lost much confidence, so Shao Mingzhe could not attack Xia Ranran anymore. Xia Ranran fell asleep, and Shao Mingzhe hugged her back to the room. When Chen Luo thought of Xia Ranran’s words, the corner of his mouth was aching. Xia Ranran dreamed that Su Mo had robbed Shao Mingzhe and immediately woke up.

When she woke up, she found that Shao Mingzhe had cooked porridge for her and had to feed her by himself. She was very gentle in every move. Xia Ranran was a little scared, so she soon had to make an inch of it and let Shao Mingzhe help him. Blow, Shao Mingzhe’s patience soon disappeared, and Xia Ranran was puzzled. Chen Luo sent a message to greet Xia Ranran, saying that Shao Mingzhe would definitely come back for this punch. Xia Ranran was still a little sad, so Chen Luo asked her to invite herself to dinner tomorrow.

Xia Hongyuan was still working, and Peng Jing came to bring him tea. Xia Hongyuan hugged her and said that she was looking forward to the birth of the child, but Xia Hongyuan did not drink the black tea sent by Peng Jing. Early the next morning, Shao Mingzhe left a note saying that he had gone for a run. Xia Ranran was very heart-warming when he saw the note. Is it true that Shao Mingzhe still hides things from his ex-girlfriend?

Xia Ranran started to fight with the demon deep in her heart, and finally curiosity defeated reason, searched Shao Mingzhe’s room all over, and finally found a box, and accidentally damaged the contents. Egg Roll called to tell Shao Mingzhe that there was something wrong with Shao’s. The sneakers they donated to poor children in the mountainous area were found to be inferior products. Mother Shao then called him and said that his grandfather had a sudden heart attack and sent him to the hospital.

Shao Mingzhe hurried to the hospital, and Shao’s mother waited for Shao Kai to explain, but Shao Kai was busy drinking and drinking, and did not receive the call. Shao Mingzhe never came back. Xia Ranran was very worried. After thinking about countless possibilities, he couldn’t help calling him, but Shao Mingzhe did not answer. Chen Luo called to tell Xia Ranran that there was something wrong with Shaw’s new product, and he immediately picked her up. After receiving Xia Ranran, Chen Luo told her that the enemy’s crisis was their opportunity.

Shao Mingzhe was busy outside the rescue room, and Shao Kai hurried to say that he had accompanied the client. Shao Kai was in charge of production, and he should have known that there was a problem with this batch of goods, but Shao Kai began to shirk responsibility. Chen Luo told Xia Ranran that all the media are waiting for Shaw’s statement. If there is a problem, they will face tens of millions of compensation. Shao Mingzhe wanted to tell the first dealer about this, but Shao Kai and Shao Yunping didn’t care, nor did they plan to respond to this matter. Hongyuan’s busy world turned upside down, and Xia Ranran quickly entered work.

The family members of Shao’s family were busy outside the ward and said that Shao Mingzhe found a place to sleep. Shaw still did not respond. Chen Luo told Xia Ranran that Shaw’s chairman was hospitalized due to a heart attack. At this time, no one in the Shao family cares about the company. If grandpa can’t make it through, he will face the choice of heir. Xia Ranran was very worried about Shao Mingzhe. If they succeeded in this operation, Shao Mingzhe would have been a big blow. Chen Luo told her that they were competitors and no one was right or wrong.

Grandpa wants to see Shao Mingzhe and Shao Yunping. Others can’t go in without permission. Shao Kai was very dissatisfied. Shao’s mother quickly defended her son. This crisis is Shao Kai’s problem. Shao Mingzhe hurried over and entered the ICU with Shao Yunping. Grandpa asked the lawyer to say two words to Shao Yunping, asshole, and also exempted Shao Kai from all positions in Shao’s land, and Shao Mingzhe took over. As soon as Shao Mingzhe left the rescue room, he hurried back to the company to take care of the matter.

Shao Kai and others looked confused. Xia Ranran and Chen Luo reacted quickly this time, and Xia Hongyuan was very satisfied with them. Shao Mingzhe returned home and found that Xia Ranran left a note saying that she should be very busy these days when she went to the company. Shao Mingzhe could see the note indicating that he could still handle it. Su Mo called, but Shao Mingzhe ignored it.

Xia Hongyuan asked when Xia Ranran would come back to live, Xia Ranran said that he was busy with work and it was convenient to live outside. Peng Jing said that Xia Ranran and Shao Mingzhe were in a romantic relationship. They were so cruel to Shao Brothers, but Xia Hongyuan didn’t think so. Work should not bring personal feelings.

Shao Mingzhe did not respond to Xia Ranran’s concern. Chen Luo asked her if she loved Shao Mingzhe. She shouldn’t use marriage as a bargaining chip. She should find someone who loves her, not someone who yells at every turn. Xia Ranran said that Chen Luo didn’t know Shao Mingzhe, he was not that kind of person. Chen Luo asked Xia Ranran if he knew Shao Mingzhe, but he didn’t say why.

Shao Mingzhe was nervously preparing for the press conference. Shao’s mother told him that his grandfather named him by name and let him take over Shao, indicating that what he did was not in vain. This time speaking on behalf of Shao, everyone would know his status.

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