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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 25 Recap

Shao’s mother wants Shao Mingzhe to inherit the Shao family. This is the family business left by his grandfather and father, and he has the responsibility to inherit. Shao Mingzhe started the press conference. Mother Shao saw Miss Dinosaur’s call on his mobile phone and didn’t know who it was, so she hung up. Xia Ranran thought Shao Mingzhe was angry, but he felt relieved when he saw Shao Mingzhe’s speech at the press conference. Shao Mingzhe’s reputation immediately became known, and Shao Yunping was a headache.

After so many years of acting as president, it was all in vain. Xia Hongyuan asked Peng Jing to come back to accompany her. In recent years, her company has been busy at home, and now she is pregnant with weddings. She took this opportunity to hand over the group to Xia Ranran. Of course Peng Jing was not willing, but Xia Hongyuan insisted on handing it over to Xia Ranran, believing she would be able to do it well.

Knowing that Xia Hongyuan had let him take charge of the project of the Southern Suburb Cultural and Sports Center, Xia Ranran was a little happy, and I wished to immediately take a look at the expressions of Peng Jing and Su Mo. Chen Luo estimated that Shao Mingzhe would also be involved in the Shaw Southern Suburb project, so Xia Hongyuan would let Xia Ranran take over. Chen Luo comforted Xia Ranran to treat the project as an opportunity and just grasp it.

Xia Ranran sighed that Chen Luo would stay in Hongyuan for the rest of his life. Chen Luo said that the price was high, unless there was something he wanted and only Xia Ranran could give her, but Xia Ranran could not guess it. Xia Ranran was a little tired, so Ra asked Chen Luo to send her back to the egg roll, and asked him if he could repair the old-fashioned player.

Xia Ranran asked Chen Luo about the player. Xia Ranran appeared as soon as he was about to return to the egg roll home, Shao Mingzhe. Xia Ranran’s first reaction was to embrace him in surprise. She was very worried these days. Shao Mingzhe was about to kiss Xia Ranran, and Xia Ranran closed his eyes and looked forward. The two were very lingering. After going upstairs, Shao Mingzhe wants to end the cooperative relationship with Xia Ranran. He likes her and wants Xia Ranran to be his girlfriend. Shao Mingzhe likes Xia Ranran.

He asked Xia Ranran to think about it these days, hoping that in a few days she will be able to join her family as her girlfriend. Shao Mingzhe had to personally escort the condolences, let Xia Ranran think about it, and asked her to live in his own house before he was relieved. The egg roll looked anxiously from the side. Shao Mingzhe obviously cared about Xia Ranran, but Xia Ranran was still not sure if it was love. Shao Mingzhe gave her a lot of happiness, but most of the time he would make her uneasy.

Xia Ranran couldn’t sleep, and the egg rolls were busy with work. Their products had become online celebrity shoes. How many people wanted to buy them could not buy a pair. Chen Luo made an appointment with a private investigator and said to look for Han Yun. Peng Jing went for a checkup and was told that she was not pregnant. She made up her mind not to let anyone know about it. Peng Jing cried and said that she dreamed that Xia Ranran pushed her down the stairs four years ago. Xia Ranran didn’t want them to get married. If they got married, she wouldn’t know how to torture her. Xia Hongyuan told Peng Jing that their wedding must be held as scheduled.

Xia Ranran received a call from Lin Xiangan and was anxious to learn that the store had been closed for two months. Lin Xiangan was helpless and planned to take Su Mo out for a walk at this time. Lin Xiangan hoped that Hongyuan would quit Su Mo. Xia Ranran was surprised and asked what happened between them. Lin Xiangan said that Su Mo was too self-improving and she wanted to prove it to others, but they didn’t care. Lin Xiangan said that if Xia Ranran helped, he would definitely find a way to help her in the southern suburbs project. Xia Ranran was even more surprised, and Lin Xiangan was in a madness. Xia Ranran said that she would help, but she simply hoped that they were both well.

Xia Ranran went to Su Mo. As the person in charge of the Nanjiao project, Su Mo called Peng Jing but she did not answer. Su Mo was very angry, but they got her in due to their own internal fighting, and then tried to persuade Xia Ranran to keep herself. No one knew Newman’s design method better than her. But Xia Ranran was not targeting Su Mo. Su Mo’s plan was not suitable for this project at all, so I hope she can modify it. Su Mo said that she didn’t plan to marry Lin Xiangan. She loved only one person from beginning to end, and she could not lie to herself forever.

Xia Ranran was very angry. Su Mo didn’t consider other people’s feelings so much. Su Mo said that even without her, Xia Ranran would take good care of him. Su Mo told Xia Ranran that she had made the choice to go abroad after listening to Xia Ranran’s words. This was the choice she regretted most in her life, but Xia Ranran warned her that if she would harm others so unscrupulously in the future, she would never Will let her go.

On the way to Anxian County, Shao Mingzhe encountered a child who was injured by the house due to heavy rain. The elementary school collapsed and many children did not run out. Shao Mingzhe hurried to save the house.

As a result, the house collapsed again. Shao Mingzhe was hit to protect the child. The employees of Hongyuan Group were all watching the news, and when they saw the scene of Shao Mingzhe’s injury, they called Chen Luo to watch. Chen Luo didn’t care at all, but turned around and called Su Mo to go to An County. She had to take this opportunity.

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