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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 26 Recap

Su Mo received a call from Chen Luo saying that Shao Mingzhe had an accident and wanted her to seize the opportunity. After seeing the news, Su Mo drove to An County immediately, ignoring Lin Xiangan’s call. Chen Luo dragged Xia Ranran and brought her cakes, black tea, and a car. Xia Ranran is also the vice president of Hongyuan Group, so it is convenient to have a car. However, Chen Luo regretted the driving skills Shao Mingzhe taught Xia Ranran, and decided to pick her up to and from get off work every day. Lin Xiangan didn’t see Su Mo when she went home. She only left a note saying that she was out for a few days to relax, and she said that she had something to do with him.

Chen Luo brought Xia Ranran to Baidao Lake to find someone. Chen Luo deliberately knocked Xia Ranran’s cell phone off the boat so that she could not answer the phone. Lin Xiangan couldn’t get through Xia Ranran’s phone, so he had to call Omelet. The two went to Shao Mingzhe’s house, but there was no one in the family. Lin Xiang’an and Dan Juan both knew about Shao Mingzhe and Su Mo, and knew where she was probably going.

Omelet yelled at Lin Xiangan Xinda, and satirized Su Mo for not telling the truth because he was afraid that he would not be able to pretend to be Lin Xiaodong’s wife. Eggroll called Chen Luo again, but no one answered. The egg roll thought that Shao Mingzhe would locate Xia Ranran’s mobile phone and entered his room. As a result, Xia Ranran and Chen Luo could not be found, and only found that Shao Mingzhe was in An County.

Xia Ranran and Chen Luo came to find an academician, Ma Xiaokang, who would help the Southern Suburb Project, but Ma Xiaokang had already rested. Xia Ranran lost her mobile phone. Chen Luo rushed to the car and left her bag in the car. Academician’s home. Chen Luo told Xia Ranran to win Ma Xiaokang so as to win Shaw Brothers. The two visited the Ma’s house together. Xia Ranran curiously asked Chen Luo what it was like to like a person. Chen Luo said, and Xia Ranran was full of what Shao Mingzhe said when he confessed to him.

Chen Luo said that the first person he thought about after hearing these words was the one he liked, but Xia Ranran hurriedly said that he didn’t think about anyone. Xia Ranran’s gossip Why Chen Luo didn’t fall in love, what her former girlfriend was like, Chen Luo asked her what kind of person she liked, Xia Ranran felt that he didn’t care about appearance, only whether he was smart or not. common topic. Chen Luo remembered the first time he saw Xia Ranran, when he was invited by Xia Hongyuan to be Xia Ranran’s personal teacher, and later did Xia Hongyuan’s special assistant.

Su Mo was even more frightened when he heard that someone died on the way to Anxian, while Xia Ranran and Chen Luo were hiding under the eaves from the rain. Chen Luo’s sudden approach made Xia Ranran a little bit at a loss and could only wear clothes. Run back to the room. Su Mo rushed to the Anxian Hospital and fortunately met Shao Mingzhe who was safe and sound. Shao Mingzhe found a hotel for Su Mo and asked her to take a look. Su Mo insisted to follow Shao Mingzhe, saying that she should not drive her away because she cared about him more than Xia Ranran. Shao Mingzhe sighed helplessly, this was not a game.

Chen Luo took care of Xia Ranran and drank cold medicine, and found an excuse to say that her quilt was wet, and asked her to live in his own room while he sleeps on the sofa. Shao Mingzhe didn’t receive a phone call and text message from Xia Ranran. Omelet told him that Xia Ranran and Chen Luo were missing, would they not be together? Chen Luo asked Xia Ranran and Shao Mingzhe where they were in their cooperation. They didn’t look like a normal couple at all. The two cooperated only for profit. Chen Luo said that he was worried that Xia Ranran would be harmed because Shao Mingzhe and other women. , Xia Ranran said she knew. The two plan to pretend to be sick tomorrow and stay to see Ma Xiaokang.

Su Mo found Shao Mingzhe’s room and said that he would borrow his room to take a bath. Shao Mingzhe was very helpless. Su Mo said that he had approached Shao Mingzhe when he was in the UK, but he saw him go home with his girlfriend on his back. Now the girl who wants to come is Xia Ranran. Su Mo has always regretted leaving, and Shao Mingzhe persuaded him to live in the present. Early the next morning, Chen Luo had a fever, and the two of them stayed logically. Xia Ranran wanted to see Ma Xiaokang, but the other party said that Ma Xiaokang was in poor health, and even if they met, they couldn’t help them. There was no telephone and no internet.

Xia Ranran had to run to the town to call Xia Hongyuan. Xia Hongyuan asked if she had contacted Shao Mingzhe. Xia Ranran knew that he had something wrong. Su Mo knocked on the door again early in the morning. Shao Mingzhe ignored him. Su Mo simply told him through the door that the road was clear. The two drivers and reporters who came with Shao Mingzhe were driven away by him. Shao Mingzhe could only and Su Mo go back together.

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