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Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 25 Recap

On this day, Li Chuyao just walked out of the company building after get off work, and saw Han Zimo waiting for her. He took her to watch a good show. At this time, Lin Yu was arguing about Qin Yun’s resignation. After Chuyao and Zimo arrived. Persuading their young couple, Qin Yun was angry and went out with anger, Zimo quickly followed.

Qin Yun pours bitterness on Zimo. He found that Lin Yu’s temper was getting bigger and bigger after marriage. In the final analysis, she thought he made less money, especially after seeing Zimo’s big diamond ring when he proposed to Chuyao. I think it’s better for his first time, not a material girl. Lin Yu was very sad. Falling in love and getting married were two different things. She asked Chu Yao to keep his eyes open before getting married. Although Zimo’s family was rich, he was very immature, and Chu Yao was tired after marriage.

In the evening, Zimo sent Chuyao home. After Chuyao got out of the car, she was surprised to see Li Luoshu sitting on the bench outside. She hesitated and walked towards him. Luo Shu asked her whether her wedding date had been set, and Chu Yao nodded. She knew that Luo Shu rejected Shan Yi’an’s job and asked him what to do in the future, and Luo Shu told her not to worry about him first to organize her wedding. Chu Yao said that he wanted her to marry so much. Luo Shu couldn’t help laughing and asked if he didn’t want her to marry. Chu Yao was silent, and Luo Shu quickly explained that he was just joking.

When he returned home, Luo Shu told Chuchen in his heart that he really gave up this time. As long as Chuyao is happy, Chuchen, he and his parents will be at ease. He can rest assured that he will take good care of Chuchen. Haruka, won’t let her feel wronged, as long as the rest of the early morning understand him.

At the beginning of the next day, Yao Yao received a call from Mr. Fang. It turned out that Shan Yian wanted to cooperate with him, but he still lacked funds, so he wanted Chu Yao to accompany him to help him advise. Later, Chu Yao met with Fang Zong and Shan Yian. Fang Zong said that if Shan Zong buys Wanhe, he can transfer his equity. He holds 70% of Wanhe’s shares and he can sell 35%. Shan always asked him what the price of the transfer was, and Fang always quoted 80 million yuan, but Shan always felt that it was not worthwhile to buy 35 percent of the shares for 80 million yuan. Fang always looked towards Chuyao. Chuyao thought that Mr. Shan should know the value of Wanhe Real Estate, otherwise he would not come to Mr. Fang. Mr. Shan said that he would consider giving them a reply as soon as possible.

After the meeting, Fang Zongyou left beforehand. Mr. Shan made an appointment with Luo Shu. He wanted to invite their siblings to dinner. Chuyao said she was not going, and his boyfriend came to pick her up and left. Later, in Mr. Shan’s car, Luo Shu apologized and said that he did not go to his company in the end. Mr. Shan didn’t care about this. He took Luo Shu because of his sister. Luo Shu would report the case if he didn’t show up alone. Luo Shu said that he can’t give mere hopelessness, he must reject her. Shan always said that he would like the person in his heart to treat him like this if he changed to Luoshu.

That day, the whole family sat together looking at the photos of Zimo and Chuyao’s new house. When Chuyao found out that Luo Shu looked at himself, he quickly moved his eyes away. Then Zimo and Chu Yao went to sign a house purchase contract. Zimo smiled and gave the house key to Chu Yao for safekeeping. When the two were happily discussing how to arrange the room, Zimo suddenly received a call from the hospital saying that his father had fainted. Is hospitalised. Zimo and Chuyao hurried to the hospital. Their father hadn’t woken up yet. Their mother said that the examination results had not come out yet. She was worried that her husband was seriously ill. Zimo comforted her. The old man’s health was tough.

Sitting on a bench in the corridor of the hospital, Zimo blamed himself for not taking his father to the hospital for a physical examination earlier. He shed tears in sadness, afraid that his father would fall like this, and Chuyao comforted him that she would stay with him no matter what happened. At this time, my mother came out from the ward and told Zimo that his father was awake. Zimo and Chu Yao hurried in. Mr. Han said that he was much better and asked Chu Yao to help him take care of the company. In case of emergency, he can sign on his behalf and take effect.

Back home early in the evening, she bought a physical examination package for her parents and asked them to go to the hospital for a physical examination. My parents were wondering why they bought this in good health. Chu Yao told them that Luo Shu’s dad was hospitalized, and he looked very serious before he found out anything. My parents were very surprised. The next day Zimo and Chu Yao asked the doctor what disease his father had. The doctor said that a tumor had been found in the patient’s liver. As for whether it was benign or malignant, further examination was needed to determine. At this time, his mother helped his father to walk over, and his father said he was going to transfer to the hospital immediately. Zimo wanted to persuade his father to wait, but his father was very firm.

Luo Shu was busy in the new office that day. She just came. She told Luo Shu that she was going to inject capital, and she wanted to be the largest shareholder of their company and the boss of Luo Shu. She often laughed and said that she wanted to be a boss, not just Smiled embarrassingly. She took out all her wealth and a bank card to Luo Shu, but was rejected by Luo Shu, and Dale persuaded Luo Shu to get rid of this benefactor who couldn’t drive away. At this time Niu Siyi came, and she asked everyone to show their hands to agree to join alone. As a result, everyone except Luoshu raised their hands. Luoshu saw that everyone had to accept it.

Lin Yu and Qin Yun came to the hospital to see Zimo’s father, and when they saw Zimo and Chu Yao in the corridor, they walked over. Hearing that Zimo was going to accompany his father to a foreign country for medical treatment, Lin Yu was surprised to ask them what to do when they got married. Chu Yao said that treatment was more important than a wedding. Zimo was reluctant to let Chuyao want her to go with him. Chuyao said she promised to help. President Han took care of the company and waited for them to come back to prepare for the wedding, but Zimo said he would come back on time and the wedding would be held as usual.

Luo Shu, who came home in the evening, saw Chu Yao hurried out, and asked her father where she was going so late. Dad told him that Han Zimo’s father was hospitalized. Chuyao went to the hospital to help. Luo Shu hurriedly chased him out. He followed Chuyao silently behind him. Suddenly, Chuyao answered a call and speeded up and walked away, Luo Shu was stunned. Standing there was very worried.

On the second day, President Han convened the board of directors to resign as Chairman of Longxiang, and at the same time was promoted to Li Chuyao as deputy general manager of the company, taking over all of his work, exercising the position of chairman, and handing over his shares in Longxiang She held it on her behalf. Everyone was surprised when they heard it. Although Chuyao heard Mr. Han mentioned her promotion last night, she was still very uneasy.

At the beginning of the day, I came to the newly bought house and found broken tiles scattered on the ground and asked the decorator what was wrong. The worker said that the tiles she bought couldn’t stick to it. Chu Yao was very surprised that she bought the best tiles. The worker said that she was cheated, and asked her to buy materials from them instead of buying it outside. Now the tiles have to be reposted. Chu Yao said she would find a way.

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