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Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 26 Recap

Li Luoshu, Chang Dale, and Niu Siyi are clearing up the new office space. Seeing so much work to do, Dale can’t help being a little worried. At this time, she just came over so that everyone did not have to do it. Her brother asked Mr. Fang to help arrange the decoration, but they had to buy the materials themselves. She said that she gave the list to Luoshu, and Luoshu asked Dale to accompany him to the building materials. The market, just volunteered to say that she would accompany him.

Then Luo Shuhe Shan went to the building materials market to buy all the materials. Suddenly he saw Chu Yao’s figure and walked into the store she just went to. It turned out that Chu Yao bought ceramic tiles here. The boss heard that Luo Shu was her friend, so he asked him to persuade the girl. She must have been cheated by the decoration team. His shop sells the best wall tiles on the market. He has been in this market for more than ten years. The first time I heard that she was unable to post it, it must be because the decoration team wanted to pack the materials to make the difference. After Luo Shu heard it, he called Fang Zong and asked him to help his sister.

In the newly bought house, the renovation workers said that the tiles bought by Chuyao were not of the right size and could not be used. Chuyao was arguing with the other party. The renovation team sent by Mr. Fang came, and the original group of renovation workers retired after seeing this scene. . After returning home, Chu Yao and Zimo had a happy video. Zimo told her father was preparing for the operation and that the tumor in his body would be fine after removal. He would definitely go back to marry her on time. When Zimo walked out of the ward, the doctor said when President Han planned to lie to Zimo, although he did all this for Zimo, in the end Zimo might blame him. If Han always complains, just complain.

Mr. Guo of Longxiang found that Feiyi Technology’s financial statements were falsified and he was very annoyed. Wu Yajun was angry with the company’s people at this time. After two months of going online, there were so many users lost. The people said they could not help but Wu Yajun. After hearing that, if there is one less advertiser, let them all go.

While talking about the phone ringing, Mr. Wu Yajun connected and asked Mr. Guo about his previous financial statements. Seeing that the fraud was discovered, Mr. Wu bluntly said Mr. Guo also has shares in Feiyi Technology. There was a problem with Yi Technology, and his money was lost. Now they are in the same boat.

Luo Shu’s new office was quickly installed, and he asked Dale to notify Zhou Lin and Zhang Yu to return to work. Dale couldn’t contact the two of them. Luo Shu asked him to post on the forum and they might be able to see it. Dale felt that Huayang had seen it too. Luo Shu thought it was okay and they came back anyway.

Wu Yajun put pressure on the R&D department to develop a third-generation product within the next month. He also reminded Huayang to do a good job or leave as soon as possible. Dale told everyone about the new trends of Feiyi Technology. Luo Shu was very surprised that Wu Yajun and the others had no room to upgrade, so they just asked him to find her brother to find out the news. Shan Yian told Luo Shu that Wu Yajun is now a gambler’s mentality. He doesn’t want to make the cake bigger, but thinks about how to make it beautiful and lure more people into the arena. He is so high-profile, Mr. Shan It is guessed that he is in urgent need of a large amount of funds to fill the big hole in Feiyi.

Shan always knows that Luoshu’s entrepreneurial team also needs funds, and he plans to continue to invest in them and plans to acquire Feiyi. Luo Shu was worried that this would affect his sister. Mr. Shan said that Chu Yao is now Long Xiang’s vice president. With her ability, there is no room for display in a place where Long Xiang is mixed with dragons. He really hopes that Chu Yao Can come here to work with him.

This day, Mr. Shan went to Long Xiang to talk with Mr. Guo and Mr. Wu Yajun about the acquisition of Feiyi Technology. His purpose was not to raise funds but to buy as a whole, with a bid of 40 million. Guo always felt that he was joking. Shan always said that this is the best purchase price. If Feiyi Technology is not a hot potato right now, why are they eager to sell. Now Li Luoshu has established Chuxin Technology. He is very optimistic about them. He has no interest in Feiyi Technology.

Mr. Guo felt that Mr. Shan was overconfident in his own evaluation system. He showed Mr. Shan the financial statements of Feiyi Technology, and felt that Mr. 40 could not buy even one third. After reading the financial statements, Mr. Shan laughed and said that their appraisers should deduct their salaries. The budget for the previous acquisition plan was a bit insufficient. They went back to prepare and then notified them when there was a new acquisition plan.

Wu Yajun can’t help but feel a little worried when he sees Mr. Guo’s fake financial statements for Mr. Shan. Mr. Guo believes that whether it is true or not, as long as he can catch a big fish, his money can’t be used for nothing. The shareholders of Longxiang Capital also knew that Feiyi Technology’s financial statements were falsified, and they decided to set up an investigation team to investigate the matter. Qi Yi told them that the only person who came into contact with this project was Li Chuyao. So the investigation team talked to Chuyao and asked whether the financial statements passed through her hands.

Chuyao said no, they were all directly connected. The investigation team asked who directly contacted him. Did Chu Yao say that she has the right to remain silent. Guo always felt that she must know the inside story, so he asked her out if Han Yaoming made a fake. Chu Yao did not say anything. Other shareholders persuaded Mr. Guo to calm down. They Let Chuyao go back and think about it.

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