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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 30 Recap

During the Warring States period, the rumored and despicable tricks broke out, with miraculous effects. They spread throughout the city of Xianyang in just a few days. The people were discussing that Yingzheng was not as good as a young master, and even thought he could be the reason King Qin depends entirely on how old he is. However, Ying Zheng disagrees with this, but Zhao Ji has taken it in his heart and immediately called Han Ni to warn. Han Nicheng was frightened, and returned to his home to kill the Mustang to avoid disaster. Unexpectedly, he won and refused to let him go, so he knelt and interceded on the spot.

Lu Buwei, as always, planned to encroach on the enemy’s country, but Li Si added false remarks on merits and demerits. Thinking about it carefully, Lu Buwei has been in charge of Qin for more than ten years, and now he is suddenly asked to surrender power. If there is no loss, it is false, a little sad and serious. Ying Zheng understands Zhong’s father’s reasonable response, and at the same time is considering how to make him willing, Li Si’s face is serious and admonishes him, but he is reprimanded by Ying Zheng.

After a series of battles, Longcheng finally changed. It was originally captured by Qin General Meng Gao. However, he suffered a sudden illness and was unable to command the troops. Zhao Jun rushed to catch up and finally succeeded in taking it back. Zhao Yan learned from Guo’s opening that all the Qin Army had withdrawn. He was overjoyed and sent an order to celebrate at Longtai Palace on the spot.

Due to Meng Yu’s dying disease, returning to Xianyang for treatment was still lacking in recovery, so he regretted that he could not end the conflict and troubled times when he was dying, and asked Lu Buwei to assist Yingzheng and make good use of talented generals.

In 240 BC, not long after Meng Yu died, Queen Mother Xia, birth mother of King Qin Zhuangxiang, also passed away. At the time of the national funeral, winning Chengxuan and the court lady Ye took advantage of the private meeting at night, the love to the depths is a matter of course. Han Ni wanted to stay away from right and wrong, so under Yao Jia’s suggestion, he took the initiative to revise Han Wangan, seeking help from his brother.

At the same time, Ying Zheng summoned Huanjuan and Wang Jian into the palace, intending to start planning a war to destroy the country. He wanted to select elite men from the existing Qin army, and then recruit from various counties to form a team of 500,000 elites. As the main force, the division always promoted Huanjuan to general and Wang Jian as the new army chief.

In the summer of 238 BC, Han Gongzi Yun was ordered by the king to come to Xianyang and went directly to Yichun Palace to meet Han Ni. The two brothers and sisters negotiated to let Cheng Yu lead troops to attack South Korea, and take the opportunity to divide the territories. Even though Han Yun promised that Han Ni would cede the Five Cities, his intention was to support Cheng Wei as the king, and hoped that Han Ni could turn to Han Fei’s old friend Li Si for help.

Han Ni asked Ying Zheng to let Cheng Yu lead his troops to attack Han Wei. He simply went to Lu Buwei and fell into Lu Buwei’s trap. Li Si heard that Fan Yuqi and Cheng Xun were walking frequently, so he guessed that Lu Buwei would “steal chess” again in order to obstruct King Qin’s reign. However, he tried to persuade King Qin to fail twice. Seeing that Yingzheng was still bound by Lu Buwei’s kindness, he was unable to make up his mind, so he decided to follow the boat and use facts to let Yingzheng see who his loyal minister was.

Lu Buwei planned to win Chengxun’s mission and came to Zhao Ji to stamp his seal. Unexpectedly, Zhao Ji asked Lao to do the work. This shows that his position is far more prosperous than in the past, which makes him a little uneasy. Immediately, Lu Buwei handed over the military talisman to Ying Chengyu, and allowed him to lead Fan Yuqi and Yingyu to attack Korea.

Upon hearing this, Ying Zheng was about to order Wang Wan to stop Lu Buwei quickly. As a result, Li Si pretended to be an outsider and then revealed that Lu Buwei was the mastermind behind the scenes. It is self-evident why he won the game. Because of Li Si’s words, Ying Zheng has become more determined to follow the dying entrustment of the first king no matter what, to ensure that Han Ni’s mother and son are safe. However, the edict has been issued, and it will be wrong to retract it. Li Si persuades Ying Zheng to fail, saying that he will send Fan to the army to protect the safety of the victory.

Ten days later, a group of Qin troops rushed to the border between Qin and South Korea. Ying Chengxun was worried that South Korea would change his mind. Through Fan Yuqi and Yingyu’s proposal, they only agreed to station outside Yangcheng and construct fortifications to defend the Korean army. However, as soon as Ying Chengxiang left, Han Ni was tossed and uneasy, and simply went to Huayang Queen Mother to reveal the Korean conspiracy. The Queen Mother Huayang was shocked when she heard the words and scolded Han Ni for acting recklessly.

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