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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 31 Recap

The Qin Army frequently reported good news, and won without a fight. The son of Cheng Yu occupied five cities one after another. Yingzheng was preparing to award the title to the land after he returned to the city, and the clan Yingyu and others would also grant the award, which was negotiated by the Xiangfu and Guoweifu, and then announced in public that he would go to the Daqin military camp for inspection in order to know his friends.

Lu Buwei’s heart sank when he heard the words, and he hurriedly said that Fan Yuqi went out with the army, and Yingzheng was unprotected, so he might as well wait for him to return. Unexpectedly, Ying Zheng directly asked Meng Tian to act as the doctor for the time being, and Li Si echoed the proposal. In the end, Wang Jian and Meng Tian led the Sanqian Lang officials.

After the dynasty dispersed, Wang Wan and Li Si rode together, and then noticed that the dynasty was abnormal and couldn’t help asking questions. Li Sidaoming’s roots are simply because of two mindsets, one is the state and the country as well as himself, and the other is the victory of the government and the common people in the world. The two people have uneven gains and losses, and political opinions are inevitable, so Li Si thinks that the Meng family brothers and Wang Jian are all swords in the hands of Qin Wangzheng, and only Fan Yuqi is the shield and eyes that Lu Buwei puts in the side of Yingzheng.

Since winning Chengxiang left the city for a few days, not only Han Ni missed him deeply, but also the court lady Ye. However, Han Ni was always unwilling to trust the court lady Ye, lest she was sent by Zhao Ji to murder him. Unexpectedly, the court lady Ye first showed loyalty and immediately revealed the secret between Zhao Ji and Lu Buwei.

Rumors arose in the city of Xianyang within a few days, and strange things happened one after another. It would not be a pity if it was unprovoked suspicion. It happened that everyone could see the end and painted a picture of a sword stab Qin Wangzheng on the Xianyang city wall. Regardless of whether the painter is worthy of appreciation or not, the picture and the rumors have made Yingzheng a little worried, and he simply summoned Li Si and ordered him to find out quickly.

There are many mysteries in the royal city, and it has been there since ancient times, but this kind of yin and yang family path, even Li Si thinks it is too obvious. Now Ying Zheng has gone to Lantian Daying to welcome the son Cheng Xun. He praised him a lot in public. In fact, he made a clear decision to everyone that no one should hurt Ying Cheng Xun.

Even though Zhao Ji disdains her strength, but with a clever mouth, she blows a good breeze, making Zhao Ji’s heart rippling, and even a little dissatisfied with Lu Buwei, thinking that he is old and old, and his courage and height shrink together. . Zhao Ji took advantage of Ying Zheng’s still in Lantian camp and prepared to take action in advance to solve the problems, and Han Yun also decided to let Ying Cheng participate in the political affairs.

Ying Chengyu didn’t know this yet, and because he had no fief, he asked to lead the army to kill Zhao. As a result, the voice just fell off, and other ministers were not waiting for the second. Suddenly, I heard Lai’s objection, and saw that he was only on his body, holding the correspondence between Win Chengyun, Han Ni and Korea, suing her mother and son. Through foreign countries.

This time was originally a trap set by Zhao Ji in advance. He deliberately harmed Ying Chengxun, so naturally he was arrested in public. Taking into account that Ying Chengxiang was the son of the first king, and the truth has not yet been found out, Ying Xi decisively urged Zhao Ji to wait for Ying Zheng’s army to return. After some discussions, Zhao Ji, according to Lu Buwei’s advice, put Ying Chengxuan into the Tingwei Mansion, and Xianyang Ling was ordered to arrest Han Yun. As for Han Ni, after all, the widow of the first king, he was temporarily restricted from the palace.

Lu Buwei did not expect that Zhao Ji would suddenly destroy his pre-planning. In order to prevent Ying Zheng from being infamous for the murderous siblings, he reached a consensus with Li Si to notify the Tingwei Mansion to stop interrogation. Because of this sudden change, Fan Yuqi and Yingyu met at the Yide Ju Restaurant to discuss, lest the event of winning and winning would harm themselves.

Han Ni was questioned by Zhao Ji, and the Queen Mother Huayang came forward to protect Han Ni. On the way to investigate the army, Ying Zheng received a secret letter from Ying Su, and was very angry when he learned that Cheng Yu was captured, and hurried back to Xianyang with 800 Qingqi. At this time, Zhao Ji was taking her two young sons in the palace garden. When she learned that Ying Zheng was heading here, she was at a loss and hurriedly told her to hide her child in the cabinet. Fortunately, she escaped and was not found. .

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