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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 32 Recap

Ying Zheng trusts Wang’s brother Cheng Xun, and knows that he is pure and kind, and will never covet the throne. Now that there is no evidence on the affairs of the country, if he is rashly convicted, he may be criticized. After Yingzheng’s various lobbying efforts, Zhao Ji temporarily releases Ying Chengxun.

The palace lady Ye sneaked into the snow palace to visit Han Ni and told the truth. Han Ni knew that he would never leave the snow palace. She simply told the palace lady Ye to take good care of her. If she was in danger, she would use Han Fei. Go to Chang Shi Li Si for help.

Early the next morning, Ying Chengyu was called into the palace. He did not expect to see Han Ni this time. It was the last reunion of the mother and son. Han Ni slammed himself in front of Zhao Ji, willing to exchange his life for his life, so that he would be safe and secure, so that the foul-smelling Gongwei Mixin would be buried in the loess forever and not be known to outsiders.

Seeing Han Ni’s heroic death, Zhao Ji was embarrassed. She had been married to Ying Yan when she was a child. She has spent countless days and nights with fear, but now this day has become too fast, even if the strong man is in front, she still It is difficult to sleep. She is like a caring little padded jacket, quite considerate. It is precisely because of this that Zhao Ji can’t figure out why outsiders understand her intentions, but her own son ignores her, which makes her miscalculate in such trivial matters.

At the same time, Li Si bluntly confessed that Zhao Ji and Lu Buwei joined forces and both wanted to put the son into death. Even if Qin Wangzheng wanted to save him, he was still powerless. Knowing his nephew’s win-yu temperament, Ying Sui locked him in the room to avoid impulsiveness and misunderstanding. No matter how he knocked on the door and shouted, he ignored him.

Han Wangan heard that his younger sister Han Ni and his second brother Han Yun had both died in Qin, so he rushed into Zhao and asked Zhao Yan to help Han. Zhao Qin originally had an antagonistic hatred, and even though Zhao Yan had been defeated repeatedly, he still ignited the flames of war in his chest, so he immediately promised to help win the king, and then deal with Yingzheng.

Ying Zheng personally went to find Ying Liu, and took the initiative to explain his inner thoughts. In order to protect the desire to win the life and crown as soon as possible, he planned to declare pro-government at the year-end dynasty meeting after the month, so I hope he can support him. Ying Xi was grateful that Ying Zheng was so kind and affectionate, and immediately promised that he would bring his clan to support Ying Zheng.

Zheng Yi found out that Ying Zheng went to see Jun Weiyang in private, so he immediately returned to the Xiangfu to tell the story. Under the Lan Chi Court, an unspeakable thought blocked his heart. Lu Buwei, who was more than a year old, felt confused for the first time. It had nothing to do with the state or the shrinking of power, but gradually disappeared from the great power in his heart.

In the Yide restaurant, Fan Yuqi made an appointment to win Chengxun to drink here. On the surface, he persuades him to be relieved, but in fact he wants to induce him to oppose Qin. The boss must stand outside the door and eavesdrop as usual, but was caught by Fan Yuqi on the spot. Fan Yuqi revealed that Mo Binai was Zhao Guoan’s spy in the city, and threatened him to send a letter to Ying Chengyu and contact Zhao and Han to launch reinforcements.

After experiencing the pain of bereavement of his mother, Ying Chengxuan finally fell in love with Qin Ting and simply agreed to lead the army to fight against Qin, intending to take revenge. Han Wangan was overjoyed after receiving the letter, thinking that as long as he wins Chengyu and publicly opposes Yingzheng, it is enough to prove that the rebellion of the king of Qin today, everyone in the world can take the opportunity to blame.

Han Wangan first returned to South Korea to rectify the army, and then invited Wei Wang to complicit. Zhao Yan didn’t expect the matter to be too smooth, but he didn’t think much about it. He directly ordered Guo Kai to lead his army on the expedition, and immediately responded to Ying Chengxian and Fan Yuqi, and then jointly attacked Qin. Mo must pass the news back, and Fan Yuqi congratulated Winning Chengxun, and at the same time suggested that he persuade Xiangbang to give soldiers as soon as possible.

After thinking twice, Ying Chengxun asked Lu Buwei to lead the army to attack Zhao and successfully acquired an army. Lu Buwei went into the palace to meet the Queen Mother Huayang, reminding her not to intervene, and immediately said that he would send the Yangquan Junmichen who was exiled to Shangjun back to Xianyang.

In Xiangbang’s mansion, a group of ministers surrounded and discussed the affairs of the government. Ying Sui did not approve of winning the war, and claimed that Xianyang was good at hiding dirt and filth. The rumors were not taken seriously. He was the head of the chariot and the head of the clan. Naturally It is asserted that the son Cheng Yu has no such ambitions, let alone such ability.

However, the edict had already been given, and the ministers were not allowed to arbitrarily stop him. Even Yingzheng knelt and begged Zhao Ji to be demoted and moved to Longxi, but still failed to change the situation. Just as Zhao Ji was planning to take Yingzheng to Xiangbang Mansion, the team that won Chengxian had left Xianyang. At this time, the army rushed one after another and finally stayed in Zhaoguotun and camped.

The envoy Zhao entered the camp, conveyed the entrusted intentions on behalf of Zhao Yan, and submitted Guo Kai’s handwriting. As a result, Ying Chengyu was blinded by hatred before, but after all, he still had kind thoughts in his heart and hesitated at the critical moment. Fan Yuqi persuaded him to win, gradually eroding his thoughts, and then sent a secret report to Xianyang to inform the truth.

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