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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 33 Recap

Following Jian Du’s case, Ying Zheng showed shock and sorrow, and then declared Meng Tian. He wanted to lead people to rush to Tunliu to bring Win Chengxun back, but after another thought, he realized that it was too late. Today, the clan and ministers of Xianyang City are discussing the text of Win Cheng Yu. Lu Buwei sent Wang Jian to lead an army of 100,000 to annihilate Ying Cheng Yu. As long as the army arrives, I am afraid that winning Cheng Yu will undoubtedly die.

Upon hearing the conversation between Zhao Ji and Lai, the court lady Ye suddenly became flustered, and then overturned the wine vessel. Zhao Ji realized her recent behavior was suspicious, so she sent a few people to follow her, and if she found any problems, she would be executed on the spot. The court lady Ye hadn’t noticed that someone was following behind her, and went alone to find Li Si to save her and win Cheng Yu. Not only did she tell him the truth, she even told him about Zhao Ji’s fornication of the palace.

Hearing this news, Li Si couldn’t help but suddenly realized, so he planned to take the palace lady Ye to see Ying Zheng. Unexpectedly, he was ambushed just out of the mansion. Dozens of black-clothed assassins swarmed, and the court lady Ye, the coachman and others lost their lives one after another. Just as Li Si was about to be killed by the sword, Xin Sheng suddenly rescued him, killing all the assassins with only a few moves, and recognized two of them. It was actually a doorman in Lai’s mansion.

Xin Sheng was a warrior who fought against the Huns in Shangjun. He came to Xianyang this time to join his career. Although he did not know why Li Si offended her, he had long heard of Li Si’s reputation and admired him. Seeing Xin Sheng’s martial arts high and courageous, Li Si had the heart to cherish his talents, and simply accepted him to get started.

Ying Chengyu waited for the response from the Six Nations to raise troops. He never thought that it was waiting for the one hundred thousand army led by Wang Jian. Even Fan Yuqi suddenly defied him, making him furious and wanting to slash with his sword. Guo Kai heard that Ying Chengxuan had been cut in the middle, and he was shocked to know what to do, especially Qin Jun sent a letter warning, so he immediately ordered to retreat.

Seeing Zhao Jun withdraw, Han Wangan didn’t know why, until the news that he had won Chengxuan, he froze in place. When Zhao Wangyan learned that Guo Kai had withdrawn his troops before fighting, he was deeply embarrassed and scolded him. The reason why he repeatedly attacked Qin was not to take Qin’s territory, but to defeat Yingzheng.

Zhao Ji invited Lu Buwei into the palace and expressed gratitude to him, so quietly cutting out hidden dangers, it was really pleasant. However, Lu Buwei didn’t have much smile. After all, the thief had been eliminated, the enemy was still there, and there were still thousands of people who coveted the throne. Lu Buwei used Ying Chengyu’s rebellion to persuade Zhao Ji, claiming that there are not a few Ying surnames in Xianyang City. After all, Ying Zheng is the blood of the Ying surname. If he is allowed to be in charge, he will definitely reuse this group of clan children, I am afraid that the future King of Qin will abolish it. They are all in charge.

At the year-end dynasty meeting, after the counties and counties finished their reports, Ying Suo took the initiative to ask Ying Zheng to be crowned pro-government, and other clan ministers seconded. In order to prevent Ying Zheng from being manipulated by the clan, Zhao Ji was afraid that she would lose power, so she simply rejected all opinions, and announced in court to postpone the ceremony.

After seeing the true colors of Lu Buwei and Zhao Ji, Ying Zheng left with anger, and locked himself in the room for a whole day. He did not summon Li Si until late at night, bluntly saying that he was participating in this extinction event. Li Si did not deny, but explained this scheming as a loyal protection of the Lord. Perhaps Ying Zheng has been fed up with being manipulated and teased, so he no longer cares, but arranges Li Si to implement a strike plan.

In the troubled autumn, both internal and external troubles, merchants can’t do business, and the six protons are not keeping their promises, all of them are pulling their ears to inquire about the home country. Lu Buwei instructed Zheng Yi to notify the Xianyang order to deal with it, and by the way, get rid of the Yideju. However, Fan Yuqi suddenly visited, Lu Buwei lamented that the debt collector had arrived. Since he had no intention of serving the king, he simply agreed to his wish to lead the army.

Ying Chengyun was cut off in the waist, unable to enter the ancestral temple or even buried in the tomb of Ying. Ying Zheng used the blood to pave the first step in his pro-government road, and he also fully understood that the Queen Mother Huayang was truly for the sake of Da Qin, and he needed the support of the power of the Queen Mother Huayang to counter the Zhao and Lu factions. Ying Zheng made an oath in front of the Queen Mother of Huayang that in order to dominate the world, he would never endure for decades and become the second King Zhaoxiang.

The Queen Mother Huayang set a family banquet for Mi Chen to receive the dust, and expressed to the tribe that being able to establish a stranger as a prostitute is the greatest contribution that Mi surname has made for the world. If there is no such a stranger, there would be no current Qin Wangzheng. Ye Ye shook the phone and was unwilling to order. The Queen Mother Huayang believes that the current troubled times should be changed to a new world. Therefore, she sees things thoroughly and can be used as an extraordinary woman. Even if Lu Buwei is still in a period of power in power, she will eventually lose. Ying Zheng’s hands.

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