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Rebirth and Warm Marriage

The talented Mo Shiyi’s biggest dream is to marry the rich and handsome and to reach the pinnacle of life. But who knows that before rebirth, Mo Shiyiai loved him so much that he lost his self, but in the end he was personally oppressed and lost his son. Therefore, after rebirth, Mo Shiyi is busy with revenge! Obviously, in the last life, I wanted to crush her bones and ashes. In this life, not only did she help her abuse the scum for the first time, but also recommended herself to warm her bed? Mo Shiyi sneered, sorry, this lady just wants to divorce you now.

Rebirth and Warm Marriage
Alternative Name: 重生暖婚轻宠妻
Genre: romance, manga
Author: Ake Culture
Release: N/A
Status: ongoing
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