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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 1 Plot

Leaving the Genting Temple, Wu Xie sent his unconscious third uncle Wu Sanshen to the hospital and kept guarding every step of the way. Without paying attention, Wu Sansheng pretending to be dizzy tried to escape. Wu Xie captured him, and when the two were at a standstill over the truth about the Xisha Seabed Tomb, they received a courier containing two old-fashioned video tapes. What shocked Wu Xie was that the sender was Zhang Qiling, the younger brother who walked into the bronze door. Wu Sansheng set out to search for the old-fashioned video recorder, and Wu Xie planned to go to Golmud to find Zhang Qiling according to the address on the courier slip.

Wu Sansheng stopped Wu Xie and suggested watching the video tape first. The content of the videotape is astonishing. Wu Sansheng warned Wu Xie not to continue investigating this matter anyway. The secrets made Wu Xie insist on investigating. At this time, Aning contacted Wu Xie because he received two video tapes. When meeting in Hangzhou, Aning told Wu Xie that he was the sender of the video tape. Wu Xie couldn’t believe it. He checked the contents of the tape and found that he was crawling on the ground. At this time, Zhang Qiling was already in Hangzhou and was followed by black glasses.

The two reached a cooperation and went to Golmud. Inspired by Fatty Wang, Wu Xie found a key and a note with the address on the video tape. On the other side, Xie Yuchen asked Wu Sanshen to watch the play at home, trying to inquire about Jiu Men’s back then, but Wu Sanshen did not answer, but just asked him to guard the family.

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