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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 1 Recap

The camera swayed up the steps, and a face appeared in the blue-gray image: My name is Wu Xie, I am in the Gersey Nursing Home…

Wu Xie, also known as “Little Third Master”, was born in the old nine sects. He accidentally found a note left by his grandfather. By chance, he met his friend Wang Fatzi “Bottle of Stuffy Oil” Zhang Qiling. The three of them were in the Lu Palace Under the circumstances, with the courage of others and the strength of the stuffy oil bottle, he escaped from birth. I thought it was just an accident and life would always return to the right track. But everything has its own destiny, not human power can change it.

Looking for the third uncle, Wu Xie sneaked into the bottom of the Xisha Sea by mistake. He did not expect to involve the longevity and the ultimate secret. Later, he found the Yunding Temple in Changbai Mountain, and finally came to the end of Zhang Qiling—the bronze gate. Wu Xie watched. My best friend and Yin Soldier entered the bronze gate together…

In the hospital, Wu Xie, who was asleep on the side of the bed, was awakened by Fatty Wang. The third uncle who should have been lying on the bed was long gone. Wu Xie’s anger rose from his heart, and the evil came to the gall and stopped in the hospital lobby. After trying to escape the third uncle, he knocked people out. After the old fox slowly awakened, Wu Xie took out the photos of the archaeological team that year and asked whether the third uncle killed and understood the serial. When the two had a dispute, Fatty Wang reminded Xiao Xiao My brother Zhang Qiling sent two videotapes. In response to Wu Xie’s questioning, my third uncle choked to mention the events of the year, feeling that the things were wrong, and the love was so deep, he even shed two tears.

For his third uncle, Wu Xie Ke really knows too well. The Old Nine Sect is one of the few people in the world who still robs the tomb. How many times have escaped from the dead, and now it is the Wu family who is the most promiscuous on the road. However, he saw through Wu Sanshen’s tricks. The third uncle kept taboo about what happened in the past, even if he repeatedly asked, this old thing just didn’t let go, but he had no choice but to follow Fatty Wang’s suggestion. The video tape sent by Golmud made the three people speechless. The content in the video tape turned out to be snowflakes. But what kind of person is my little brother, how could he prank something like this? Sure enough, suddenly, a video appeared in the video.

The woman combing her hair, the third uncle was shocked. That person was Huo Ling. He was surprised that Huo Ling in the 1997 video was exactly the same as in the 1985 archaeological team photo, without any signs of aging… Uncle knew that the matter was of great importance and advised Wu Xie to stop the investigation. Wu Xie resolutely refused. After the two quarreled, Wu Xie received a call. The other party claimed that he had a video about him and invited Wu Xie to meet in Hangzhou.

In Hangzhou, a young man in black clothes and a hood covering the upper half of his face came to the door of Wu Shanju. It was Zhang Qiling. There was a person behind him secretly following him. The little brother didn’t know it. He waited until the remote place was clean and neat. The man was beaten and fled, and when he ran away, his identity was seen through by the younger brother.

Wu Xie told Fatty Wang that he was waiting for Aning, and that the video tape he gave to his third uncle was fake. Fatty Wang laughed and said that Wu Xie was cunning. At this moment, Aning came and learned from Aning that the videotape in her hand was Someone sent it to her under the guise of Wu Xie. With full of curiosity, King Wu Xie opened the weird videotape in her mouth: On the screen, there was a shaggy person crawling on the ground. Slowly, that face approached. On the screen, a layer of cold sweat appeared on Wu Xie’s back. It was-his face… This is a video from 1997. How could this be possible. Empress Wu Xie was very frightened. After she calmed down, she realized that the little brother in the bronze door would not send herself a video tape at all.

The person behind it was just to let herself receive this express. With a clever idea, he opened the blank video tape with a screwdriver, which was an address and a key of Golmud, Qinghai. Wu Xie promptly asked the employee Wang Meng to book himself a ticket to Golmud. The destination was extremely remote. Wu Xie reached the address on the note after several setbacks. It was a sanatorium that looked abandoned for a long time. The iron fence was pushed. It fell, the inside was even more dilapidated, and there were dusty spider webs everywhere.

He walked through room after room and suddenly realized that he was so familiar in front of him. It turned out to be the crawling place of the person with the same face as him, Wu Xieyin felt Weird, I took out my portable video recorder, introduced what I heard and saw as carefully as possible, recorded everything, and gradually went to the depths, here is more and more mysterious, a downward staircase almost leads to it Underground, here, Wu Xie found an extremely old coffin and a very secret basement. He courageously walked into the room, but did not see that a pale hand stretched out from the coffin behind him…

Wu Xie vaguely identified the room where Huo Ling combed her hair from the video. He checked it carefully and found a note written by Huo Ling that recorded the experience and secrets of the archaeological team over the past ten years. The places I have visited over the years are the so-called longevity veins that the ancients pursued. I was surprised to find that Chen Wenjin, one of the members of the archaeological team, went to the bronze gate. The note stated that the video tape was sent to three people. Who is there?

The third uncle shook his head and shook his head while listening to the play. He was so uncomfortable. The man who sang on the stage was Xie Yuchen. The one who listened to the play with him was Huo Xiuxiu. The three of them were all from the old nine doors. The third uncle wanted to leave, but was yelled by Xie Yuchen. It was also a matter of questioning the older generation. The third uncle has long been used to pushing on Huo Xiuxiu with Tai Chi. Huo Xiuxiu is also in distress. The disappearance of her aunt Huo Ling still makes her grandma very sad. , The third uncle of the truth did not let go for some reason.

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