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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 10 Plot

In order to escape, the three Wu Xie climbed up the stone wall and jumped to the opposite side, but Wu Xie slipped and almost fell into the pheasant’s neck. At the critical moment, one arm grabbed Wu Xie, Zhang Qiling rescued Wu Xie and left. At this time the red smoke disappeared and they rested on the spot. Xie Yuchen asked Wu Sansheng about the past of the nine gates, but he did not reveal any information. Wu Xie woke up in the middle of the night and saw a figure on the canopy of the tree in the distance.

He immediately found a copper coin bracelet and judged that the figure was the body of Aning. Wu Xie was determined to bring back Aning’s corpse, when a woman’s voice suddenly called “Little Third Master”. Wu Xie judged that the sound came from the walkie-talkie on the body and wanted to get the walkie-talkie to get in touch. At this time, the figure approached them, and it was countless pheasant necks. Pan Zi ignited the fireproof cloth and temporarily broke through. The three approached in the loudest direction, gathered under a tree, and prepared to confront the snake head-on.

At this time, human voices came from the tree. After asking the three of them, there was no sound. Pan Zi felt that there was a difference and went up to the tree to check. Wu Sanshen and his entourage returned to the camp, and the black glasses were bitten by a snake. After taking a break, Xie Yuchen was worried that the mop would find fault with his subordinates. Wu Sanxing bluntly said that if he rips his face, he will act with them. This word came to Mop’s ears, and he arranged for his subordinates to act separately.

He led people to hold Wu Sansheng and the others, and let his subordinates take the opportunity to steal the equipment, but was quickly countered. After Pan Zi went up to the tree, there was no sound. Not long after Wu Xie and Wu Xie found blood stains, and when a pheasant came out to attack, Pan Zi fired a signal flare from the tree to rescue them.

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