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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 2 Plot

When Wu Xie was immersed in the contents of Wenjin’s notes, the forbidden woman appeared and was rescued by Zhang Qiling and black glasses who came here. The two covered Wu Xie from leaving the nursing home. After Wu Xie got in the car, he learned that both of them had been trapped by Aning. Wu Xie followed Aning’s team to the camp in the Gobi. Aning handed a plate of black glasses obtained from the nursing home to Zhuoma, the guide of the archaeological team. This plate is not only a token of her and Chen Wenjin, but also a map to Tamutuo. But the plate is not complete, they need to go to Lancuo to find additional map information. Wu Xie moved Aning and went with the team.

At the same time, Xie Yuchen and Huo Xiuxiu also arrived at Lancuo based on clues. Xie Yuchen bought the fragments of porcelain plates at a high price and was cut by black glasses. Xie Yuchen returned to the camp with the black glasses. In the middle of the night, Zhang Qiling and Wu Xie came to Zhuo Ma’s camp one after another, but he deliberately avoided Wu Xie’s eyes as his eyes met. The master Zhuo Ma brought Chen Wenjin’s message to the two and said that “it” was in the team. Wu Xie was puzzled, but Zhang Qiling answered the wrong question.

Wu Xie said that he would accompany him to find the answer. Wu Xie recognized Xie Yuchen, and cooperation was achieved. Xie Yuchen handed the fragments to Aning and went to Tamutuo together. Huo Xiuxiu learned from Wu Xie that there was a secret in the video tape and left quietly. The next day, everyone encountered wind and sand that swept through Tamutuo. Everyone blocked the wind and moved forward and gradually dispersed. Jie Yuchen and Wu Xie fell into wet quicksand, trying their best to escape.

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