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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 2 Recap

The words of Uncle San didn’t dispel the thoughts of the two young men. Their next decision and experience made the old fox never dream of it.

Notes: The archaeological team has gone through many hardships and lost personnel. Chen Wenjin finally entered the bronze gate and saw the ultimate. In 1995, the archaeological team began to plan to search for Tamu Tuo, which was at the point outside the Longevity Dragon Vein.

When Wu Xie concentrated his attention and then looked down, suddenly Huo Ling, who was already insane in ragged clothes, rushed towards him. Wu Xie could not escape and was almost caught by Huo Ling. At this moment, the little brother Huo Ling’s subordinates took Wu Xie, and the two of them worked together to lock Huo Ling into the basement.

When the panic was still undecided, a person crawled out of the coffin behind him, scaring Wu Xie to death. Fortunately, it was not a ghost. It was in Hangzhou that day. Follow the guy with the little brother. People on the road called Black Glasses. It turned out that Aning also came to Golmud. According to her, Black Glasses and the little brother were consultants for this operation.

The group and the group took a van to the nearby camp. They learned from the black glasses that their destination was Tamutuo, and Aning and the others also found the guide of Chen Wenjin’s archaeological team, Zhuoma.

Wu Xie was awakened in a deep sleep. The person who came was the grandson of Dingzhu Zhuoma. After arriving in the account, Wu Xie found that his younger brother was also here. Dingzhu Zhuoma informed them that Chen Wenjin would be waiting in the West Queen Mother Palace. If they don’t see anyone in ten days, she will go in alone. And relayed Chen Wenjin’s warning-that thing is among you.

Wu Xie never figured out when and how the little brother came out of the bronze door. Faced with Wu Xie’s questioning, the little brother was as tight-lipped as the third uncle. He asked anxiously, but just smiled and said: I Is on your side.

Xie Yuchen Huo Xiuxiu came to a small shop and wanted to buy a painting left by the owner’s father. He was surprised to find that the other party had the important piece of Chen Wenjin’s token porcelain plate he was looking for. Pan is the map to go to Tamutuo. Both sides want to get what they want, and they can sit at a table to eat under the entanglement. At this time, Wu Xie came. He and Jie Yuchen knew each other when he was a child. Glasses are better to speak. After some negotiations, Xie Yuchen took out the fragments of the porcelain plate, and Aning also agreed to take him into Tamutuo.

In the Desert Gobi, a group of people drove an off-road vehicle and smoked all the way. They didn’t know what was waiting, but the expedition nature given to these people by their ancestors in their blood was the biggest driving force for these people to keep moving forward. After chatting, the convoy had entered the depths of the desert. The wind and sand were so heavy that they could hardly see the road ahead. They decided to stop to avoid danger.

They did not expect that the signal in the desert was too bad. Even with the walkie-talkie, these people lost contact and everyone was wearing it. Good equipment to get out of the car to escape, Aning’s signal flares attracted the attention of Wu Xie, who knew Yuchen. The two helped each other to the location of Aning. On the road they encountered wet quicksand and almost confessed there. Fortunately, Wu Xie was anxious and became wise and reconciled with Yuchen.

Throwing away the heavy equipment, struggling to escape from the danger, but with too much physical exertion, the two fainted in the desert. Aning and the others waited and waited without seeing their companions. They had to leave the flare gun on the handlebar and leave. Go to find a stronghold that can avoid sandstorms. After finding a suitable leeward place, the little brother thought about Wu Xie’s safety and expressed that he wanted to find Wu Xie. Aning also worried about the master Zhuoma, and entrusted the matter to Black Glasses. She stayed where she was, waiting for her companions to see the flare bombs gather.

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