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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 3 Plot

When they woke up again, Wu Xie and Zhang Qiling had been rescued back to their stronghold. Four people are missing. Aning’s men blamed Tashi for failing to lead the way. Wu Xie analyzed the terrain to relieve Tashi and learned that the Devil City was not far away. The next day, the team camped on the edge of the Devil City. Black glasses please Xie Yuchen in every way to make money. Wu Xie found a missing member and learned that the others had entered the Devil City. Aning and others entered the city, and Zhaxi placed a pile of rocks as a mark.

Suddenly, a sneer came from the walkie-talkie, Aning quickly adjusted the frequency, and finally found an ancient ship on the top of the mound! Everyone entered the shipwreck and found the team members in the deck hole flooded by sand. Unfortunately, only the Caucasian and Ahu were still alive. Ahu was pressed under a coffin. In order to reduce the weight, everyone lifted the lid of the coffin together, and his body quickly corroded. Wu Xie observed the pattern of three blue birds on the inner wall, and he was surprised at the size of the body and clothes. Outside the Devil City, Zhang Qiling used a laser flashlight to send signals to Fatty Wang and Pan Zi. He was discovered by black glasses and Xie Yuchen.

Xie Yuchen bluntly said that he would ask Wu Sansheng some questions face to face, and hired black glasses to find Wu Sansheng, and the two set off immediately. Zhang Qiling packed up to leave, but was stopped by Wu Laosi. During the dispute, Fatty Wang and Pan Zi joined him, and the three went to Devil City together. Wu Xie thought of the legend of Queen Mother of the West refining medicine through studying the life of the tomb owner, and believed that the deceased should be a failed work.

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