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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 3 Recap

Wu Xie finally woke up while shaking, opened his eyes and found that he was on his little brother’s back. Zhang Qiling finally found him. Unfortunately, the little flower Xie Yuchen, who had been spoiled since childhood, had a fever.

At this time, Wu Xie and others have already gathered at the location of Aning. Except for the four seniors, the grandson of Zhuo Ma, the master, said that this place is not far from the Devil City. It is a city cursed by the gods. Where the destination is. So everyone is going to rest here for one night and set off tomorrow.

The next day, everyone finished their rest and drove the scattered vehicles back. They packed their bags and quickly arrived at the Devil’s City. Deep in the desert, under the erosion of thousands of years of wind and sand, a special Yadan landform was formed. The dust storm and the strange wind made this place a more mysterious veil. With previous experience, Aning led everyone to find a place where they could escape the wind and sand, and set up camp temporarily.

Wu Xie found a person buried by the sand not far away. It was one of the four who were separated. Aning Wu Xie and others decided to enter the Devil City to find the remaining people, but Tashi’s face turned pale and refused to lead the way. , Claiming that no one had ever walked out of the Devil City alive, Aning was shocked, and finally let him relax, the group continued to go deeper, the radio gradually made a rustling sound, indicating that the other three were nearby, but unexpectedly, no one was found. ,

I discovered that there was half an ancient ship buried on the cliff not far away. Why was it half? Because the other half of the hull was hanging off the cliff, Tashi, who was already in awe of the Devil City, was even more frightened. , Claiming that the evil boy would kill everyone if he went further, Aning was dissatisfied with the chaos of his own army, so he had to leave him in place and board the ship with Wu Xie and others.

At night, Fatty Wang and Pan Zi also came to the Devil City. Seeing Qian Cheng’s smile, he was hired by his third uncle to check it out. He was especially worried about whether Wu Xie would yell at him when he saw him. Pan Zi was an old man next to Wu Sansheng. He watched Wu Xie grow up and regarded him as his master and son. He couldn’t bear to let Wu Xie take such a risk. In fact, it was not just him, but Wu Sansheng, who was scheming, knew the whereabouts of these people.

Because he was following them in the desert, and secretly let the two black glasses go along the boat to agree to Aning’s invitation, Xie Yuchen gritted his teeth and called the old fox really cunning, letting the black glasses take himself to find Wu San province, Aning also I don’t know in the dark, thinking that his team is one piece.

Here, Wu Xie Aning got on the ancient ship. In the dark, he could only use a few flashlights to vaguely identify the path in front of him. After gradually reaching the depths, the radio rang from the bottom of the ship. Wu Xie and the others found it in the sandy bottom of the ship Lao Gao, who was dying, and Ah Hu, who was almost suffocated by a coffin, Wu Xie analyzed that this was not an ancient ship at all, but a sea burial chamber. They tried to open the coffin and rescued Ah Hu. They also accidentally found the coffin. There are three blue birds on the inner wall, as well as clues to record the life of the tomb owner, the medicine pills and other clues. It seems that the identity of this female corpse is either rich or expensive.

The little brother waited left and right, but did not see Wu Xie coming back, muffledly picked up the equipment and wanted to find Wu Xie, Wu Lao Si immediately grabbed him when he saw him, Aning said, no matter what, I can’t let the little brother leave here. Under the stalemate, he saw Pan Zi and Wang Fatty swaying over in a car of their motorcade. Wu Lao Si was very angry, and the two sides fought. Where are these people Pan Zi’s opponents, they were quickly beaten. Falling flowers and flowing water, the three of them threw them off and drove away.

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