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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 4 Plot

Xie Yuchen’s black glasses accidentally fell into the oil pipeline. The three of Zhang Qiling searched for Wu Xie and others based on the stone pile. Fatty Wang was still thinking about taking pictures, but he couldn’t find it until dark. Everyone gradually lost patience, but under Zhang Qiling’s cue, they quickly realized that they were affected by the Devil City. Wu Xie and others discovered that there was a strange shadow moving in the cabin, which was regarded by Aning’s subordinates as an evil boy who killed him.

Aning stabbed and found that it was just a child-shaped skin. At this time, Ahu fainted due to crush syndrome, and everyone accelerated to leave. The next day Wu Xie learned that Fatty Wang and Pan Zi had been there, and at the same time saw the clay pot removed from the ancient ship.

At this time, the clay pots piled on the top suddenly rolled, the clay pot broke, and the corpse king flew out. Suddenly, there were heavy casualties. Wu Xie and Aning finally infiltrated a rocky mountain depression. Aning cut through his palms and threw the bloody clothes out to attract the king of corpses. The two escaped. Soon after, the three Zhang Qiling found Wu Xie’s camp and found a mess.

Seeing a corpse covered with Wu Xie’s clothes, the three of them were startled. After a false alarm, they continued to look for Wu Xie’s whereabouts. The two of Xie Yuchen tried to escape from the oil pipeline, but encountered a very dangerous mycelium.

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