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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 4 Recap

Xie Yuchen’s black glasses searched all the way for a long time, but did not find the shadow of Wu Sanshen. The two analyzed that Sanshu must have concerns about the person who went there, so they didn’t leave too many marks, so they could only go on with their heads, and then an accident. They actually fell into an underground pothole in the desert. Black glasses analyzed that this was an oil pipeline from the Republic of China period. With the weak flashlight light, the two of them fumbled forward and found that although the pipeline was unusually strong, it seemed to have been subjected to a behemoth.

With a heavy blow, Xie Yuchen raised his flashlight to check repeatedly. There was something wrong with the earth wall in front of him. It should have been blocked by a cave-in. So he took out his military shovel and started digging. After the road was cleared, what he did not expect was that the earth wall was here. There were several corpses beside them, not only humans, but also snakes and lizards, all of them suffocated to death.

Wu Xie leaned into the coffin with his upper body and carefully observed the contents of the inner wall. This female corpse was probably a close relative of Queen Mother of the West, and she had taken the so-called elixir, but the elixir made the female corpse deformed. The body became smaller and smaller, and they were also surprised. It was discovered that the so-called evil boy was actually the shadow cast by the burning of white phosphorus on the human skin. It was only a trick of the ancients, but time was too late for them to think too much. Due to the long time of squeezing.

Ahu was already unconscious, and they struggled nine times. The power of Niu Erhu drew a few dying companions to the bow of the ship, and then called other people waiting outside the ship by radio. At dawn, Wu Xie Aning sat on the ground, thanking that everything went well last night, and all that was needed now was to wait for the arrival of the rescue team.

Wu Xie fell asleep unconsciously. After waking up, he learned from Aning that the fat man had come and took the little brother away. But what he saw next made Wu Xie’s eyes widened. Dozens of earthenware pots were moved from the sea burial chamber. They were carved with three blue bird patterns, and there were a few skulls scattered beside them. It turned out that this is a cruel criminal law in ancient times. Victory of the country will defeat the children of the country. The head was stuffed into a clay pot, and when the head was getting bigger and cut off, it was used to deter the enemy…

Everyone was filled with emotion. At this moment, one person curiously picked up a skull and examined it carefully. Suddenly a group of unknown creatures flew out of it, Wu Xie was terrified, this was the King of the Corpse Turtle that Seven Star Lu Palace had seen. They couldn’t dodge, and they all made a mess, each escape route, Aning Wu Xie fell off the cliff in a panic, and the two hid in a hole to save their lives. Here, Aning finally got rid of the group of blood-sucking corpses.

Fatty Wang drove the car halfway but ran out of gasoline. The three had to abandon the car and walk. They found the piles of rocks left by Tashi along the way. Following the trail of their predecessors, they entered the Devil City. After missing the stone pile, they went the wrong way. The hot-tempered Fatty Wang and Pan Zi had a big quarrel. The little brother has a lot of knowledge and knows that these two are affected by the Devil City. I found a place to light a fire and rest my feet temporarily.

After a night’s rest, I finally saw the blinding method of the so-called Devil City through the photos taken by the fat man along the way. After a lot of hard work, I finally found the ancient ship. Nearby is the Aning camp. A bunch of people were injured and killed. The younger brother mistakenly thought that Wu Xie had been injured by the corpse turtle, and he was almost in chaos. Pan Zi was even more anxious. , If something happens to the little third master, I am afraid that my intestines will be regrettable.

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