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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 5 Plot

Wu Xie and Aning were looking for a way out of the Devil City. When they were exhausted, Aning attacked Wu Xie to relieve his muscle spasms. At night, the two of them set up a stone trough to keep them warm. When they woke up, they were very weak. Aning took off his copper coin bracelet and left a mark along the way. Eventually, the two of them fainted without strength. In order to survive Xie Yuchen’s black glasses, he found the connection point of the pipeline, blasted the gap, and finally escaped.

In the Devil City, Fatty Wang was the first to find copper coins, think of Aning’s bracelet, and realized that Wu Xie was in danger. The three followed the coins and found the two who were unconscious on the ground. After Wu Xie wakes up, he is determined to solve all the mysteries, because Aning is also looking for the same answer, everyone cooperates and information is shared. Wu Xie showed the Wenjin notebook to everyone.

He didn’t understand what “it” was. When Xie Yuchen woke up, it was already dark. The black glasses wanted to tease him but did not succeed. After inquiries, he wrote his real name to Xie Yuchen. Wu Xie decided to walk out of the Devil City according to the direction of the river, but their time was running out. On the edge of the Devil City, they found the weird human face fish fossil.

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