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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 6 Plot

Because of the human face fish fossil, Wu Xie and others are more convinced that the West Queen Mother Palace is in front. At the same time, Xie Yuchen’s black glasses walked into the rock formation, and Xie Yuchen used the black glasses as a proportion to restore the shape of four blue birds. After finding the location, the two began to dig a passage leading to the West Queen Mother Palace. Wu Xie and his party discovered the equipment and vehicles they had lost in the sand. At this time, groups of corpse kings attacked, and everyone was desperate, descending along the vines into the rainforest at the bottom of the cliff.

During this period, Fatty Wang fell on a pile of snake eggs, and he “condemned” Zhang Qiling for only picking up Wu Xie and ignoring him, and he was staggered by Wu Xie. Zhang Qiling stunned Fatty Wang with a knife because he had a lot of mushroom-like things growing around his neck. After cleaning up, Fatty Wang woke up. As everyone moved on, Wu Xie went to the stream to wash his face and gradually lost consciousness. When he was found, his stomach was covered with a translucent membrane, and an egg grew inside.

After the sedative was injected, the mushroom grew bigger and bigger, Wu Xie kept shouting hot, but her temperature was very low. Zhang Qiling held a torch and found that it was a parasitic mushroom that disturbed his body sensation. The treatment was over. Xie Yuchen’s black glasses finally came to the visiting stone room of the West Queen Mother Palace, and after cooperating to avoid the agency, he found the bodies of Wu Sansheng’s men. In the tunnel, strong magnetic force attracted the metal objects on their bodies and hung them on the stone wall. The two of them were able to get out by demagnetizing them by fire. Wu Xie woke up, everyone moved on, Fatty Wang was about to use explosives to blow up the rocks blocking the road ahead.

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