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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 7 Plot

Wu Xie woke up and everyone moved on. Fatty Wang used explosives to blow up the rocks blocking the road. He saw that the road was covered with statues of human-faced birds of various sizes. These statues almost killed everyone. Xie Yuchen and two came to a zircon room. The strong light made people unable to see things. Each of them managed to break through the barriers. After that, they bet to see who finds many ways to trigger the mechanism. The black glasses are willing to bet and lose, and they must fulfill their promises.

Wu Xie and his party gradually improved after a short rest, and continued to search for a safe camp. There was noise in the grass at this time, and Wu Xie thought of the words in Wenjin’s notes: There are many snakes in the mud, and you are not afraid of people. As the air pressure in the rainforest dropped and heavy rain was approaching, Wu Xie and his party had to find shelter from the rain. The black glasses accidentally discovered the underground canal mechanism on the ground, and then found the main hall of the West Queen Mother Palace.

The two watched the scene in the hall and analyzed that the characters on the mural might be Queen Mother of the West and King Zhou Mu. They saw hundreds of steps leading up to the high platform directly above the hall, and the two climbed up.

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