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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 8 Plot

Xie Yuchen’s black glasses encountered the agency and went all the way towards the top of the high platform to escape. After many searches failed to find an exit, the two decided to temporarily rest. Xie Yuchen fell asleep quickly, and the black glasses just sat down and discovered the mechanism. The heavy rain in the rain forest dropped sharply, and Wu Xie and his party had to find a tree to take shelter from the rain.

At this time, Fatty Wang felt itchy on his body, and the rest of the people were also covered with red spots. Upon closer inspection, there were a large number of grass ticks. Everyone found a clean place to treat each other’s wounds. After Wu Xie woke up, she found that Zhang Qiling was missing. When he found him, Zhang Qiling was studying a bone he had just discovered, and he used his blood to draw out a large number of weed ticks.

There were many things in the bones, Pan Zi and Fatty Wang were responsible for digging them out, and Wu Xie gradually fell asleep. After Xie Yuchen woke up, his black glasses got up and the mechanism was triggered. They discovered that the vines behind the high platform seemed to be able to relieve their troubles. Although it was dangerous, they still jumped off the high platform.

After waking up again, Wu Xie found that there was a belt buckle marked with Aning’s company number in his bones. While arguing with Fatty Wang, Zhang Qiling took the dug out copper coin bracelet to prove that it was Aning’s corpse. Wu Xie turned around and found Aning’s face had become a giant python. Pan Zi came to wake him in panic, and after confirming that Aning was OK, Wu Xie was relieved.

They found a pistol in the skeleton. The crowd rested, Fatty Wang fell asleep, and the snore alarmed the python and attacked them. Everyone wrestled with giant pythons in the rainforest, and fled into the stone crevice in a panic. Wu Xie found a pheasant neck staring at them deep in the crevice.

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