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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 9 Plot

When everyone who escaped from the waterfall was about to rest, the pheasant suddenly jumped out of its neck and bit Aning in the neck. Zhang Qiling immediately strangled him to death, but Aning was dying. Wu Xie insisted on carrying Aning’s body, and several people came to a shallow shoal with exhaustion. At night, Wu Xie found that Aning’s sleeping bag was opened, and woke Pan Zi and others.

A mysterious figure passed by, and Zhang Qiling got up and chased after him. Wu Xie and others tried to keep up, but Zhang Qiling and the figure had disappeared. Wu Xie and others had to return to the shore and found strange water marks around the sleeping bag, and nothing inside the sleeping bag-Aning’s body was stolen! Zhang Qiling chased the man for a long time, and the man suddenly stopped and turned and walked towards Zhang Qiling. The clay figure asked how things were going, and Zhang Qiling said that he still couldn’t rule out all situations. The clay figurine suggested using Wu Xie, but Zhang Qiling did not answer. Xie Yuchen’s black glasses found nothing, and met the miasma on the way.

Xie Yuchen rescued the black glasses that had fallen into the swamp, and the two struggled to get out of the miasma. Pan Zi ignited the signal smoke and tried to contact Wu Sanshen. When the red signal smoke responded, the team of Wu Sanshen was in danger. Wu Xie waited for a long time and did not see Zhang Qiling returning.

Everyone worried about Wu Sanxing. After leaving supplies and messages for Zhang Qiling, they set off in the direction of the signal smoke. Xie Yuchen found the signal smoke and went to support; Zhang Qiling also decided to go in the direction of the signal smoke, and the clay figure walked with him.

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