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Falling In Love With Cats 恋上喵星人 Episode 1 Plot

Xiaobai, a girl from the cat, visited the earth again in order to find the boy who saved her life when she was a child. I find Daju, the owner of a Japanese food shop who is also from Meow. Daju warns Xiaobai that she must get a kiss of true love and become a human within 365 days, or she will disappear. With the help of Chen Menglu and Daju, Xiaobai has a new identity and human name-Song Zi. After half a year of experience, Song Zi has become a popular star. Song Zi saw Lu Wu for the first time on the set and regarded him as a cat thief. After avoiding the mysterious person’s stalking, they came to Lu Wu’s pet house by mistake, and the two broke up.

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