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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 27 Recap

Su Mo wanted to get back together with Shao Mingzhe and told him that he broke up with Lin Xiangan. She didn’t love Lin Xiangan. Shao Mingzhe thought she was crazy. Xia Ranran decided to go back first. Chen Luo still insisted on leaving with her before her fever had gone. When Shao Mingzhe arrived at the disaster relief site, he donated a lot of relief supplies and tents to An County, and Su Mo also got out of the car to comfort the children.

Xia Ranran finally went back to call Shao Mingzhe, explaining that he had lost his mobile phone. Shao Mingzhe hung up after a few words and planned to go back and clean her. Su Mo took Shao Mingzhe to play games with the children, and there was a warm atmosphere.

Xia Ranran sent Chen Luo home, and Chen Luo said it would be a pity to help her find a new designer this time. Xia Ranran thought about Shao Mingzhe when he returned home. Shao Mingzhe just called. Xia Ranran said he was going to find him. He would go after the meeting in the afternoon. Shao Mingzhe said that he had this heart. Going back soon.

Su Mo’s foot was broken. Shao Mingzhe helped her take medicine and asked her to go back and rest first. Su Mo had to stay with Shao Mingzhe. She waited for this day for four years and watched him spend so much time with Xia Ranran. Su Mo felt bad every time, and Shao Mingzhe had no choice but to send her back in person.

Eggroll and Xia Ranran analyzed the incident. The video of Shao Mingzhe’s distress went viral all over the Internet. Did Xia Ranran not see Chen Luo yet? Chen Luo clearly liked Xia Ranran, Xia Ranran would not believe it, but she was a little shaken when she remembered that Chen Luo said on the island that the person she liked was his student.

The egg roll told Xia Ranran not to be shaken, Chen Luo was too dangerous. The egg roll asked Xia Ranran to go to An County immediately, but Xia Ranran refused, and found an excuse that he would have a meeting. Chen Luo took Su Mo directly and drove home. Su Mo refused to go back because she would be too involuntary once she went back. But Shao Mingzhe was obviously unwilling to stay with her. He would not tolerate Su Mo like Lin Xiangan. She should Cherish Lin Xiangan well. On the road, Shao Mingzhe and Su Mo had a car accident.

Academician Ma was introduced to Chen Luo by Shao Kai, because the two made a bet and Shao Kai owed Chen Luo a favor. But Chen Luo did not expect that Shao Kai took a photo of Chen Luo and Xia Ranran together. Chen Luo told Xia Ranran that he had watched the video yesterday, but the video was very vague. He didn’t realize that it was Shao Mingzhe and pretended to be guilty. Xia Ranran didn’t want to believe that he was intentional, but he was right in his heart. He was also on guard. Chen Luo asked Xia Ranran about Han Yun and said that he would clean up some things from her lifetime and show them to her. Han Yun left the bill, and Xia Ranran found out that Han Yun transfers 10,000 yuan every month, which is really strange.

Xia Ranran asked the egg roll to check it, but the egg roll did not forget that she hurried to An County. Xia Ranran called Shao Mingzhe but was told that he had been in a car accident. Chen Luo hurriedly sent Xia Ranran to the hospital. Xia Ranran was relieved to see Shao Mingzhe lying on the hospital bed. Chen Luo asked the front desk about Su Mo’s news. She was not seriously injured.

Xia Ranran was very nervous next to Shao Mingzhe. After Shao Mingzhe woke up, seeing her happy beside him, Su Mo quietly came to the ward. Shao Mingzhe complained that Xia Ranran didn’t care about him. Xia Ranran hurriedly explained that his mobile phone had fallen into the lake. Shao Mingzhe took the opportunity to hug Xia Ranran.

Su Mo was excited and wanted to rush over and was stopped by Chen Luo. Chen Luo told Su Mo that if he had just entered, their last hope was gone. Chen Luo said that Su Mo didn’t know Shao Mingzhe at all. He was soft-hearted and couldn’t refuse the weak, so he persuaded Su Mo to show weakness in time.

So Su Mo sent a message to Shao Mingzhe saying that he had left without advance, and Chen Luo completed the discharge procedures for him, and also deliberately told him in front of Xia Ranran that his friend had been taken away, so he was relieved. On the way home, Shao Mingzhe cheered Xia Ranran and asked her to go shopping, and then asked Chen Luo when he planned to tell her that Su Mo was about his ex-girlfriend, so that he would have a chance. Chen Luo said that he would not hurt Xia Ranran in any way. Shao Mingzhe knew that he had always been cautious in doing things, but he was obviously negligent when he took Xia Ranran to see Academician Ma this time, because Academician Ma had had a stroke for more than half a year.

Lin Xiangan saw that Su Mo was injured and wanted to take her to the hospital, but Su Mo emotionally said that he was okay, and even actively told him to go to Shao Mingzhe and be with him for the past two days. Su Mo formally broke up with Lin Xiangan. Lin Xiangan didn’t want to face it. Seeing Su Mo was leaving, he carried her back to the room. Su Mo struggled to say that he had never loved him, but Lin Xiangan couldn’t hate her, let alone let her go.

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