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Mr. Right is Here! 我的隔壁有男神 Episode 1 Recap

Cherry is a costume designer. She always fantasizes that she can have an affair with the prince like the protagonist in a fairy tale and marry him. But she still knows herself well. She thinks that the real prince will not like Cinderella. Fairy tales can only be fairy tales forever. She is just Cinderella who likes fantasy. . Last month, Cherry just submitted the autumn clothing design competition of Leaf Group. Today, Cherry is going to participate in the Leaf Group’s summer clothing release dinner, which is a closed industry reception banquet. Fortunately, my good friend Ian helped Cherry find tickets.

Cherry saw that the models on the runway were dazzling and envious, and there was also a designer under the stage who was busy, who was the goddess she had always liked. Cherry had always dreamed of studying abroad and being comparable to the goddess. However, the most shining cherry in Ian’s eyes was this cherry, and Ian was even willing to make it. Living in Cherry Study Abroad to Realize Dreams, but Cherry just wants to realize her dream with her own strength. At this time, Han Yingjun was kicked out because of a quarrel with Cherry’s uncle and ran to Cherry’s house.

At this time, Song Chi, CEO of Leaf Group, happened to walk past the cherry. The cherry was on the phone and threw himself into Song Chi’s arms on the same side, and the bracelet was still hung on the cherry’s sleeve button. After Song Chi left, Cherry found that her bracelet was missing, which was something left by her grandmother, which was very important for Cherry. Ian and Cherry quickly caught up and went all the way to the men’s locker room, but were blocked by An Kun, director of Leaf Group.

Seeing that Song Chi came out of the dressing room, the cherry hurried to catch up with it, but almost fell. Unexpectedly, she almost fell into Song Chi’s arms. The cherry almost fell into the water. She hugged Song Chi in shock and refused to let go. Song Chi raised his hands to avoid suspicion and showed his innocence. At this time, many reporters Both of them took pictures. The cherry was too scared to look up. Ian rushed to pull the cherry back, intending to ask Song Chi for a bracelet another day. After Ankun came home, he conveniently put the bracelet in the drawer.

Cherry received the official interview notice of the fashion group. Cherry jumped up happily. Cherry rode an electric car all the way to the door of the company and sorted out her shape in front of a car parked by the roadside. She didn’t expect that it was Song Chi who took her bracelet. When Cherry saw him stop the car and ask for a bracelet, because Song Chi was in a hurry, she simply picked up the cherry and put it on the grass. She drove away. She was so angry that Cherry beat and scolded Song Chi as a bad guy.

Cherry rushed into the company. As soon as she opened the door, she bumped into the arms of another Ankun. Cherry recognized that Ankun was the one who intercepted her in the dressing room that day, but Cherry thought he was the interviewer, so she spoke politely to him. Unexpectedly, Ankun proposed to play a mobile game with Cherry and could win. He can get on the job, and Cherry actually officially got on the job by winning a game.

Cherry’s girlfriends saw the news on the Internet about Cherry and the president of Fashion Group. Cherry saw that Song Chi, who took her bracelet, was the president of the company she applied for. No wonder it will be photographed and put on the Internet for hype. However, she applied for the job on her real ability. It doesn’t matter whether he is president or not. Everyone supports her decision when they hear that Cherry is so determined.

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