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Mr. Right is Here! 我的隔壁有男神 Episode 3 Recap

The cherry was a little uncomfortable because of the rain, and his feet were too worn because of high heels. An Kun carried the cherry back all the way to Song Chi. Song Chi kept staying at the cherry bed and fell asleep. On the contrary, An Kun came in several times a night to exchange hot posts for the cherry.

It was not until the next morning that the little cherry woke up and found that Song Chi was lying on her side and pretended to fall asleep. Song Chi also helped Cherry’s feet apply medicine. The Cherry couldn’t help opening her eyes. Song Chi was accused of lying here. Song Chi asked Cherry to rest, and he went to work.

After Song Chi went to work, An Kun went to get a towel to the cherry to warm her ankles and asked her to take care of herself. An Kun told the cherry that Song Chi was not easy, and it was also because Song’s father forced Song Chi to marry Song Chi and Lu Mang. Song Chi had to bring the cherry back.

An Kun is also going to work in the company. As the leader of Cherry, An Kun specially approved her three-day vacation to rest her ankles. Song Chi’s father knew that he took the cherry to anger him. His daughter-in-law only recognized Lu Mang, but Song Chi said that he and Lu Mang were impossible. The cherry was his girlfriend, which made his father angry enough.

Lu Mang sent Song Chi a copy, which was their creative draft. Song Chi thought the C series was well done. Lu Mang told him that it was the new design of the company. Lu Mang went back to the design department and saw that the cherry was not there. Others said that the cherry and An Kun asked for three days off.

Lu Mang went to Ankun to ask if Cherry had asked for leave. An Kun told her that Cherry’s foot had twisted. Now at his house, Lu Mang was uncomfortable when he heard that Cherry lived in Song Chi’s home, and also said that Cherry was not suitable to live in Song Chi’s house. An Kun replied to her that home was also his An Kun’s home. He wanted Cherry to let Cherry You can live there.

Lu Mang left the office angrily and met Haotian when he came out. Lu Mang felt that it was not appropriate to go directly to Song Chi, so he hoped that Haotian could remind Song Chi not to go too close to the company’s subordinates. This is also the company’s regulations. The implication is to stay away from the cherry. However, Haotian reminded Lu Mang not to forget that she was also a subordinate of the company. Lu Mang turned around and left angrily by Haotian’s words.

When Cherry came home, her feet were wrapped in gauze. Friends quickly asked her why she was going for. Cherry told everyone the process of what happened. Ian thought Song Chi was too unbelievable, and he was also angry that Song Chi pretended to be his girlfriend with Cherry, but Cherry spoke for Song Chi, thinking that Song Chi was not easy, so he His friend joked with Cherry whether Cherry was in love with Song Chi, but Cherry was sure that she would not marry into a rich family.

Haotian asked Song Chi to claim that Zhu always wanted to meet and chat. Song Chi promised to meet tomorrow. Seeing Song Chi anxious to go back, Haotian asked curiously, but Song Chi refused to say anything. In fact, Song Chi was worried about the cherries that were sick at home.

Song Chi came home and found that the cherry had left. Song Chi quickly asked Haotian to find the whereabouts of the cherry. Song Chi gave Cherry a contract, asking Cherry to pretend to live at home, and could give Cherry a place to go abroad for further study. Cherry left angrily, and reminded Song Chi that she was not that kind of person. An Kun also felt that it was not appropriate for Song Chi to talk about the contract as soon as he met him, and he would not agree with anyone, and urged Song Chi to hurry to find the cherry.

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