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Mr. Right is Here! 我的隔壁有男神 Episode 4 Recap

After Cherry left, An Kun advised Song Chi that he was asking for help. As soon as he met, he would negotiate the contract with others. Song Chi quickly chased out and apologized to Cherry. He hoped that Cherry could understand him, and he was not a kind of exchange, but some family things were difficult to say.

His father was still a person who said the same thing. What he hoped to do had to do. But Song Chi was unwilling to agree to this matter, and emotional things were also his final bottom line. He hopes to create a top clothing brand and does not want his father to interfere with him again until his ideals are realized.

Song Chi also admitted the talent of Cherry. The reason why he put forward this condition was that he hoped that both sides would be mutually beneficial. He thought that Cherry was a material that he could be made. Sending her abroad also hoped to retain talents and jointly create top brands. Now Song Chi can’t help but find Cherry to pretend to be a girlfriend. He really doesn’t want to marry Lu Mang. The reason why he chose Cherry to replace his girlfriend was also his temporary decision.

He didn’t want to cheat Cherry. However, he hoped that Cherry could continue to pretend to be a girlfriend and live in his house for three months, so that his father would believe that Cherry was Song Chi’s real girlfriend. Song Chi promised to protect the reputation of Cherry. He had seen the cherry design and it just combined with Song Chi’s concept. I hope Cherry would think about it well.

Cherry decided to help Song Chi move to Song Chi’s house. Friends didn’t want her to live with two boys, but Cherry said that they had a contract and nothing would happen.

Cherry drew up a contract for Song Chi and his brother, which was full of terms that bound the two brothers. An Kun thought it was too harsh, but Song Chi had no objection, and several people performed the agreement according to the Cherry contract.

Cherry got up early in the morning. Song Chi ran back. An Kun also got up very late. Song Chi thought their design department was really idle.

Lu Mang and Song Chi said that their design was appreciated and hoped to help Song Chi more. Lu Mang asked Song Chi that it was not suitable for Cherry to live in his house, but Song Chi said that it was his private business and did not need to be interfered by others too much.

Cherry and Lumang talked about their contract, and she only had one goal, that is, to become a designer like Lumang. Cherry is a big fan of Lumang, which reassures that Cherry is not her threat.

After the three people came home, Cherry cooked rice. Cherry cooked it specially to thank Song Chi for sending her to work. Unexpectedly, it was delicious. The three of them ate it. After dinner, Cherry went to collect dishes and chopsticks. Song Chi thought that he should do those. Cherry cooked and washed dishes, which made Cherry think Song Chi was a formulaic and boring person.

Song Chi and Cherry said that in his impression, his father was a warm man. Before his death, his mother told Song Chi that Song Chi must find a loving person to marry, so Song Chi did not compromise the partner arranged by his father. Song Chi asked Cherry what her growth path was like.

Cherry thought everything was ordinary for her, but she grew up at her grandmother’s house, so she had a good relationship with her grandparents. The bracelet was also given to her by her grandmother. Although Grandma had been gone for a long time, she felt that Grandma had been with her bracelet.

Before going to bed, brake to deliver medicine to the cherry, and even if the cherry doesn’t like to eat it, it must be forced into its mouth to eat it, which makes the cherry feel that Song Chi has become a domineering president again.

The next day, after breakfast, Song Chi left first. He asked Cherry to go to work with him quickly. After Cherry left, An Kun called the electric car sales and pushed off his reserved electric car. It was unnecessary.

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