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Mr. Right is Here! 我的隔壁有男神 Episode 5 Recap

Lu Mang gave Song Chi the new product release plan of cherry design. Song Chi had to decide whether to choose her design as the main theme, but Song Chi did not immediately decide whether to adopt it, and it had to wait for discussion after the meeting. Lu Mang and Song Chi said that their design department was a little tired of overtime, and hoped that Song Chi could go to cheer everyone up and increase the confidence of some employees.

Song Chi went to the design department and told their employees that they should let the whole world understand their culture and lead the trend of the world. He will not forget the efforts of all their employees, and the world will not forget. Everyone will work together to create a better future.

Ian went to pick up the cherry and got off work. She was asked if she lived at Song Chi’s house. Why do you still live in his house now when you hate him so much? But Cherry told Ian not to think nonsense. She can’t leave now. She told Ian not to think of Song Chi so badly. Ankun saw that Cherry was in trouble, so he went over and asked why Cherry was still wasting time. He told Cherry to send the email to Alex early. The company spent a lot of money to invite him. Hurry back to work. Ian saw that the cherry had to work and left.

Cherry was anxious to go back to work. An Kun caught up with Cherry and asked if Ian was her boyfriend. Cherry explained that Ian was just her ordinary friend and went to pick her up from work. Cherry knew that Ankun lied that she would work overtime in the company to relieve herself. In fact, there is no Alex at all. If Ankun doesn’t lie about Cherry and have to work overtime, Ian doesn’t know how long it will take to pester Cherry.

Cherry goes out to repair the electric car after returning home. Even if An Kun wants to buy her a new car, Cherry is not willing to ask for it, because she has feelings for her pink electric car. When Cherry went out to repair the car by herself, Song Chi also went back.

Song Chi told her to find a professional master to repair the car, but Cherry said that doing it would decompress the brain, especially the position of the shoulders more comfortable. Song Chi was a little unbelieve, so Cherry massaged Song Chi’s shoulders, saying that it would be very comfortable to work his shoulders by himself. He wanted him to try it, but I didn’t expect it was really comfortable, but this scene was seen by An Kun.

The next day, An Kun’s attitude towards Cherry was a little cold, always cold, which made Cherry feel that Ankun had changed and asked him why he did this to him. Did he offend him? An Kun said that they were just a colleague relationship. Why did they have to be good to her? Cherry was dumbfounded.

Lumang talked in the office about his father and Song Chi’s father had contacted each other, which was their marriage. If Song Chi is using cherry to live at home, pretending that his girlfriend is not a good way. Then Song Chi’s father will really think that Cherry is his girlfriend. However, Song Chi said that the company is so busy that there is no time to talk about the relationship between children at present. When the busy schedule is over, let’s talk about their marriage.

Lu Mang asked Haotian, Song Chi and Cherry, is it really a contractual relationship? It’s too abnormal between them. Haotian asked Lu Mang if he could get Song Chi’s heart even if Lu Mang did not appear in the cherry? This sentence brought Lu Mang back again.

An Kun finally couldn’t help showing his goodwill with Cherry and coming home from work. An Kun showed the fashion he designed in his mobile phone to Cherry. After reading it, he thought Ankun was really a talent and a good design.

Cherry and her best friend called to be asked how she and the president Song Chi were doing. It’s better to be more vigorous than to let him go. But Cherry said that their company was busy, and there was time to consider falling in love. At most, they are just ordinary friends now.

Cherry saw that Song Chi hadn’t slept and asked him to run in the morning and called her. It was better to take An Kun with her. However, An Kun had a dynamic bicycle in the bedroom and refused Cherry’s invitation without going out for a run.

Cherry and Song Chi couldn’t run physically on the first morning. Song Chi looked at the tired cherry and felt a little sad, and carried the cherry back.

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