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Mr. Right is Here! 我的隔壁有男神 Episode 6 Recap

An Kun was inevitably uncomfortable when he looked at Song Chi carrying the cherry. Song Chi and the cherry looked at An Kun standing aside in sportswear and thought he was going to run. Song Chi asked An Kun to carry the cherry home. Song Chi was too tired to carry it. An Kun was a little jealous, but he was too tired to walk when he saw the cherry, and he also felt a little sad to carry the cherry back.

Cherry was a little hungry at work in the company. It was said that if only I could have a fried chicken. Song Chi and An Kun heard this sentence. After work, Song Chi went out early. An Kun also called Cherry to order take out for fried chicken. Unexpectedly, someone knocked on the door as soon as the phone was put down. It turned out that Song Chi took the fried chicken home. Cherry watched Song Chi bring fried chicken home happily and praised him as the best boss in the world.

Song Chi asked An Kun to eat fried chicken together, but An Kun had to wait a while, because he also ordered fried chicken. After the deliveryman sent fried chicken to An Kun, An Kun was afraid of embarrassment and had to ask the deliveryman take the fried chicken away. When he gave the fried chicken to the deliveryman, he was a treat.

Cherry works overtime day and night. Both Song Chi and An Kun care for Cherry, which makes Lu Mang’s heart have a lot of doubts.

After work, Cherry was too tired to work overtime and fell asleep on the table. An Kun called her up and went home together. Song Chi thought Cherry had gone to find her before she left, but saw that she was taken away by An Kun.

Although Lu Mang knew that Song Chi had no feelings for herself, she still liked Song Chi. She was more confident when she talked to Song Chi than before. She did not continue to pester Song Chi, thinking that if she liked someone, she would give him freedom.

This made Haotian aware of this. Haotian and Lu Mang said that he felt that Lu Mang was different from before, and he had more confidence to talk to Song Chi. Lu Mang thought that Song Chi loved cherry more. Since he was with Cherry, he began to become more relaxed and happy, so as long as he was happy.

After going to work, Cherry found that her design draft seemed to have been moved. Lu Mang said that it might have been someone who had met her by her colleagues. Just ask her to work safely. Everyone is optimistic about her.

Ian invited Cherry to dinner and apologized to her for the last time she was angry with Cherry. Cherry felt that it was nothing and told him not to take it seriously. But Ian took out a ring hoping that Cherry could be his girlfriend. This move scared Cherry. She always regarded Ian as a brother and never wanted to fall in love with him. Ian saw that Cherry didn’t have him at all in his heart. Continuing to pester would only embarrass himself, so he said that it was good to be a friend. Anyway, he was not unchased.

After that, Ian sent the cherry home. When I went downstairs of Song Chi’s house, Ian saw that his house was very elegant and worthy of the boss’s house. At this time, Song Chi went back. When Ian saw it, he pretended to say that there was a worm on the cherry’s head to help her catch her. Song Chi was a little angry when he saw it.

Cherry was just about to introduce Ian to him. He Song Chi ignored them and turned away, which made Cherry feel that Song Chi must be pressured by work and had no energy to speak.

The scene of cherry being caught by Ian was also seen by An Kun upstairs. An Kun asked Song Chi if he liked cherry. If he liked it, he admitted it. Ian caught the cherries for him deliberately played it for Song Chi. After hearing it, Song Chi knew that he misunderstood the cherry.

The costume designed by Cherry was the main feature in the launch of the new product. Everyone was happy to applaud her, but some competitors were also unhappy. An Kun used to say that she relied on her own efforts to rise to power, and no one opened the back door for her.

When Cherry came home, he saw Song Chi cook a table of food herself. Cherry was very happy when she saw it and asked him why he cooked so many delicious food. At this time, An Kun went over and said that it was all prepared because Cherry’s C series was the main product. An Kun hadn’t eaten Song Chi’s food for a long time. It was not easy for him to cook.

Later, when washing dishes, Lu Mang called Song Chi, saying that she did not want to go to the cherry’s new product launch conference, hoping that the cherry could participate for her. Cherry also heard Lu Mang’s phone call. Song Chi told her to have confidence that he would accompany Cherry.

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