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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 34 Recap

Because of the care and support of Lord Longyang, the son of Wei Hong was able to enter the palace as he wished, and meet Wei Wangzeng. As for what kind of reward there will be in the future, it is all due to Wei Hong, but Long Yang Jun has high hopes for him.

Lu Buwei entered the palace and informed Yingzheng that the unity of the nations against Qin Shi was behind the Wei state. He negotiated with Yingzheng to promote Fan Yuqi to lead the army against Wei. At the same time, Ren Mengtian was appointed as the cadre. Lu Buwei was assassinated, and Zheng Huo led people to chase him all the way. The assassin entered Li Si’s mansion and was arrested. Li Si lifted the veil and recognized that the assassin was Yingyu.

Li Si prevaricates away from Zheng Huo who came to search, hides Yingyu in the firewood room, and orders Xin Sheng to guard. On the court, Zhao Ji suggested that she should be rewarded with the accusation. Lu Buwei asked the ministers for their opinions. Kui Zhuang and Yingzhao strongly opposed.

Today, Zhao Ji and Lu Buwei are at odds with each other due to the award of the maiden. Li Si believes that this is the opportunity for Ying Zheng. After all, he thinks that since his succession, he has been the empress dowager’s supervising the country, and the state is in charge, especially the empress dowager trusts the state.

After careful consideration, she simply ordered Laiyao to be Changxinhou, and 130,000 households in Taiyuan County were added as a fief. Lu Buwei returned home at night, and on the way he sighed that if Ying Zheng could learn Lu’s Spring and Autumn as early as possible, how could he be helpless. Seeing Xiangbang’s car approaching the mansion, the assassin lurking on the wall pulled his bow at Lu Buwei and shot it away.

Mi Yuan, the minister of Chu State, knew that Old Chu King was going back to Chu State and was willing to go to Chuguan Gate to meet Old Chu King. However, Chu State’s new King Mi Heng did not want Old Chu King to return to Chu State. The old king of Chu returned to the gate of Chu from the state of Qin, but the soldiers of Chu closed the gate tightly and prevented him from returning to the state of Chu.

The old king of Chu was worried that Mi Heng was not there and that the country of Chu might change. So the king of Chu asked the eunuch to go to Handan to find Zhao’s father, who was not well. He rushed to the country of Zhao. It’s getting worse. The old king of Chu took out the jade and asked the gatekeepers to hand it over to the king. The Fengyang king of the Zhao country, Li Dui, recognized that the jade was He’s Bi, and also recognized the old king of Chu. The State of Qin escaped, and State of Zhao always advocated an alliance with State of Qin. In order not to sin against State of Qin, Jun Fengyang decided to let the soldiers come forward and let the old king of Chu leave the State of Zhao.

Tian Wenzheng discussed with King Han and King Wei about the attack on Qin, but he heard that the old king of Chu had come to the country of Wei. It turned out that after the king of Chu left Zhao country, he dragged half his life to the country of Wei. Tian Wen asked Wei Wang to order the old King of Chu to be sent back to Xianyang. Although Tian Wen joined South Korea and Wei to attack Qin, he became unknown. Now the old Chu King is their chance to attack Qin. When Old Chu King died in Qin, it was they who attacked Qin. day.

The old king of Chu returned to the state of Qin. At this time, the old king of Chu was no longer good enough. Before his death, the old king of Chu still remembered to return to Chu and go home. The old Chu king died in Qin. Mi Yuan advised Chu Wang Mi Heng to know people and use them well and distinguish his loyal ministers, but Chu King did not discern the loyal and virtuous. He obeyed Shangguan Zilan’s words and expelled Mi Yuan from Yingdu.

The State of Qin sent the coffin of the old King of Chu back to the State of Chu. Wei Ran’s secret agent in the State of Wei told the Empress Dowager Mi and Yingzheng about Tian Wen’s alliance with Korea and Wei State’s conquest of Qin.

Tian Wen led the soldiers of the three kingdoms of Qi, Han, and Wei, and Chen Bing went outside the Guguan, under the title of crusade against the evil Qin, and crusade against the Qin. Tian Wen led the army to attack Hangu Pass, and the battle was tense. Tian Wen captured Hangu Pass and advanced into Hangu Pass. Tian Wen’s crusade against the Qin State made Ying Zheng realize how self-sufficient he was before, how ignorant of loyalty and traitor, good and evil, stupid and ignorant, and would do his own way. Ying Zheng decided to designate Wei Ran as the prime minister of the State of Qin, and handed the seal to Wei Ran, who asked Wei Ran to go to Hanguguan to settle the three kingdoms’ conquest of Qin.

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