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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 35 Recap

Since the 嫪毐 suddenly sprang up, there has been a group of well-rewarded staff and servants who rushed around, using the banner of the queen mother to win over the forces. After the maiden took over the government, one promoted cronies, and the other suppressed the donations of the six countries. In addition, the prime minister’s office was also required to purge officials.

Under this chaotic situation, the officials in Xianyang were at a loss as to what to do, and Yingzhao clashed with them. As a result, Ying Xi was punished, but the old woman was unscathed and terrible. Wang Wan was deeply shocked and was planning how to deal with the maiden, but Li Si reminded him to be the king, no matter what the situation is now, remember that Ying Zheng is the real king of Da Qin.

When Wei wanted to find a way out, his son Wei Hong was ordered to come to Xianyang to make Wei people prepare and take the opportunity to seek refuge in his wife, but he did not know that Li Si had secretly planned. Wei Hong’s meeting with her was blocked, and her confidant Dong Qihe Xuansi recognized Wei Hong and greeted him to enter the mansion.

Ying Sheng complained to Ying Xi that the Great Qin clan was not reused. After seeing the palace lady Zi, she asked Ying Xi what happened to Zhao Ji in the Xue Palace that year. Ying Xi said nothing happened. Ying Sheng warned Ying Xi not to embarrass the clan because of her personal love.

Fan Yuqi drank with Li Si and said that he suspected Yingyu to assassinate Xiangbang, but Li Si knew the impossibility of the assassination of Yingyu one by one.

Wei Hong came to Qin as an envoy of the State of Wei, and wanted to get rid of the grudge with the State of Qin in order to seek a good alliance.

She admired Wei Hong very much. Wei Hong kowtows his head and thanked him, expressing that she would serve her like a courtier of the Qin Kingdom. Hearing this, her heart was full of joy. He simply sat on the steps and continued to listen to Wei Hong’s narration. Wei Hong was willing to persuade King Yan to form an alliance with the State of Qin, and allow Wei to provide food and grass and troops to help Lai Lu achieve the grand cause. Lai Lu sincerely praised Wei Hong’s talents and strategy.

Finally, Wei Hong continued to provoke the relationship between Lai Fu and Lu Buwei. He pointed out that Lu Buwei had already become famous after Ying Zheng took office. Wei Hong was willing to devote his life to assist Lai Fu to achieve hegemony. Lai Lu was overjoyed.

Later, Tian Wen invited Han Nie, Wei Hong, and Young Master Qin to visit Xue Yi, his fief. The people crowded Tian Wen’s carriage and shouted Lu Buwei Wannian. He was the king of the Qin country. In the end, the people even carried it. Tian Wen returns to the house.

When Tian Wen just arrived at the door of his house, someone was anxious to see them. They were two people who had no names but could only steal chickens and dogs. One could learn how to bark like a chicken, and the other how to bark like a dog, hoping to serve Gong Xue. His subordinates wanted to send them away. Gong Xue stopped. He felt that the ruler was short and the inch was long, and he also accepted it as a gatekeeper. At that time, he had 30,000 gatekeepers.

Tian Wen banqueted them at home. During the dinner, the housekeeper said that Gong Xue and his disciples had the same meal every day. Everyone was surprised. There was a guest who was dissatisfied with the food. He felt that Gong Xue’s meals were definitely different. When he was the same as him, he died of shame.

Tian Wen invited Han Nie to chat alone. Han Nie claimed that Tian Wen was invited by Ying Zheng’s special envoy to enter Qin. Tian Wen also had this intention, but Qin’s national policy was to ally with Chu and reject Qi. Tian Wen entered Qin at this time to serve the enemy. , Will make people laugh all over the world, Han Nie told Ying Zheng that Tian Wenzhi wanted to revise the book, and he wanted to avoid the alliance of Chu.

Seeing that the Qin Army was about to hit the door, King Zhao decided to send Zhao She to fight, and at the same time, he sent Zhao Sheng to the Wei State Liang to negotiate. Zhao She was also resourceful. He did not rush to send troops to fight with the Qin Army. He played a scene of greed and fear of death with his subordinates to Hushang. As expected, Hushang was fooled and felt that he had a chance to win.

On the other side, Zhao Sheng also came to Wei to find his brother-in-law Wei Wuji, and Wei Wang was extremely afraid of Qin and refused to send troops to assist Zhao. Zhao Sheng had a plan at this time. He sent someone to assassinate Yingying overnight, and With Yingzhuo’s first-level audience, Wei Wang saw Yingzhuo’s death and was in a state of confusion. In addition, Zhao Sheng and Wei Wuji persuaded him, and Wei Wang finally agreed to send troops to assist Zhao.

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