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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 36 Recap

Because of Zheng Guo’s suggestion, Lu Buwei carefully planned the river canal. After all the affairs were arranged, it was the day of stationing. Ying Zheng visited the canal repair site in person. Zheng Guo, a hydraulic engineer, took the initiative to explain the whole situation for him. Daoming drew the Jing into the Wei, and the long canal traverses the east and the west. It is about 300 miles long. When completed, the water and drought can be relieved and salt and alkali .

In the great dynasty, Zhao Ji named the man named Changxin Hou, Ting Wei Wei Zhuang protested at the court, Zhao Ji was furious, and Lu Buwei pleaded for him, Wei Zhuang was demoted as a common man. Li Sichen said that she risked death to protect the king and Xiangbang from returning to Qin eighteen years ago. Lu Buwei was forced to admit her work and had to agree to knight her. Li Si retained Wei Zhuang, implying that Wei Zhuang temporarily bears the burden of humiliation, and Wei Zhuang promised to stay in Xianyang and wait for the king’s dispatch.

Nowadays, there are a large number of prostitutes and scholars from all over the world. Although there are no important officials or ministers, there are still many officials in charge of various departments. However, Prime Minister Lu and Changxinhou’s mansion are in the same situation, and there are often open and secret fights. In addition, in recent festivals, the scholars have made plans and plans to resolve the matter before Lu Buwei returns to the city. Hearing that the maidens were sealed, other countries drove to Xianyang City to celebrate.

Yao Jia felt that Ying Zheng was a little unhappy when he went to court today. But Lu Buwei thinks he is just childish. Lu Buwei asked about Cheng Xun’s situation, and Yao Jia felt that Cheng Xun is now studying hard and will surely become a national pillar in the future. Lu Buwei believes that the most important thing now is to promote water conservancy. Yao Jia suggested using Li Bing, but Lu Buwei believes that Li Bing is old and he wants to seek the best of the world to treat floods.

King Han looked at Qin’s strength, if Qin Dong came out, Korea would be the first one to destroy. Now I want to find a good strategy. At this time, Han Fei proposed reforms to be strong, which made Han Bianqiang strong. But King Han did not agree with Han Fei’s reform. At this time, King Han received an order from Lu Buwei for seeking talents, and he saw the water worker Zheng Guo, and he wanted to make a living.

Guo Kai knew that Mao Sui liked to drink, and deliberately set up a banquet for Mao Sui. When Mao came here, he said that he could not help with the things that Zhao Yan had commissioned. Guo Kai caught celebrities like celebrities. Threatened that if Mao Sui did not help himself, he would spread the scandal of Mao Sui to the world. Zhao Yan also told Mao Sui that if he became King Zhao, Mao Sui would become a heavy minister in the court. Mao Sui thought of a good way. If the current Prince Zhao comes to Qin as a hostage, and Qin will not let go of people for a long time, everyone can persuade King Zhao to establish another prince.

Zhao Ji came to Lu Buwei, hoping that Lu Buwei would discuss with Yingzheng in advance when dealing with political affairs. When he returned home, Lu Buwei gave the book written by the doorkeeper to Yingzheng to watch, and also handed in Li Si’s theory of governance. Li Si felt that Lu Buwei could hardly change the nature of a businessman, and he would not be under the prime minister. Ying Zheng is the one he wants to assist.

Upon seeing Li Si’s article, Ying Zheng asked Wang Wan about Li Si. Wang Wan told Ying Zheng that Li Si was one of Xunzi’s disciples, and Li Si was said to be an inexperienced Wang Zuo talent. Upon hearing this, Ying Zheng wanted to see Li Si immediately, but Wang Wan had some worries. Li Si was a doorman in Lu Buwei’s mansion. Summon Li Si should tell Lu Buwei first. As soon as these words came out, Ying Zheng was unhappy again. Ying Zheng asked Wang Wan whether he was Da Qin’s courtier or Lu Buwei’s disciple.

Here, the Korean envoy Zheng Guo entered Qin, and Li Si was a good friend of the Korean son Fei for many years. Once Zheng Guo entered Qin, he invited Li Si to a banquet. Li Si asked about Han Fei’s current situation.

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