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Dajiang Dahe 2 (TV Series)

“Dajiang Dahe 2” is directed by Li Xue and Huang Wei, and supervised by Kong Sheng. Wang Kai, Yang Shuo, Dong Zijian, and Yang Caiyu star in contemporary urban dramas. The play will continue the content of the first season, using the encounters and struggles of Song Yunhui, Lei Dongbao, Yang Xun and others to show China’s economic reforms, changes in social life, and political spheres from the late 1980s to the early 1990s. Change, portray the struggle, awakening and change of reform practitioners.

Dajiang Dahe 2 (TV Series) 大江大河2

Song Yunhui (played by Wang Kai) arrived at Dongbao and became the youngest deputy of Donghai Chemical’s leadership team. He took his wife and daughter to work in Donghai, and Cheng Kaiyan’s laziness and suspicion caused a rift between the two, and eventually ended in divorce. With strong business capabilities, Song Yunhui continued to play the role of the backbone and led the Donghai project to tide over the difficulties during the preliminary preparations and establishment of the joint venture. However, it caused dissatisfaction due to the excessive limelight. The reform of Xiaolei’s family is getting bigger and bigger, but the copper factory exploded due to ignorance of safety issues. Lei Dongbao (played by Yang Shuo) was imprisoned for bribery.

After he was released from prison, he established the Thunder Company and found a market for the wires. Wei Chunhong has always been the support behind Lei Dongbao. Yang Xun (played by Dong Zijian) came to the East China Sea for development and made the market flourish. In the cooperation with the foreign representative Liang Sishen (played by Yang Caiyu), he looked up at Liang Sishen while making false accounts. He was discovered by Liang’s father and shot. Remediation, coupled with the death of his widowed mother, Yang Xun suffered multiple blows, and the little accountant Ren Xia accompany him. Liang Sishen, the foreign manager of the Sino-foreign joint venture factory, had a lot of contact and confrontation with Song Yunhui at work. They were also subdued by each other’s abilities. Neither of them stated clearly, but they have gotten closer together.

Director: Li Xue, Huang Wei

Screenwriter: Tang Yao

Starring: Wang Kai, Yang Shuo, Dong Zijian, Yang Caiyu

Number of episodes: 50 episodes

Broadcast date: December 20, 2020

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