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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 28 Recap

After arriving home, Xia Ranran sent Shao Mingzhe back and wanted to go back. Shao Mingzhe asked her to stay and take care of herself, but he refused to let him tell Chen Luo. Chen Luo waited downstairs for a long time and didn’t see Xia Ranran come down and picked it up.

A phone call left. When Xia Ranran woke up the next morning, she saw Shao Mingzhe next to her bed and complained about her sleep difference. Shao Mingzhe said that he could not do without Xia Ranran. He wanted to keep her by his side forever and asked her if she wanted to marry him. However, Xia Ranran covered his head and covered the quilt and refused to speak. In the end, he cried, and kept with him. Shao Mingzhe confirmed that he really likes himself, and Shao Mingzhe’s answer is very sincere.

Lin Xiangan made porridge for Su Mo. Su Mo thought about it and said that she really shouldn’t, but when she saw Shao Mingzhe and Xia Ranran together, she was like crazy, and said that she would never see them again, but She needs time to sort it out, because it’s too unfair for Lin Xiang’an to be with her now. Lin Xiang’an said that he would stand on Su Mo’s side no matter what, and would not let anyone hurt her. Su Mo suddenly asked for one million like Lin Xiangan, and said that he wanted to buy something. Lin Xiangan happily gave her the card, all of which she earned.

After Lin Xiangan left, Su Mo went to see Mother Shao and said that the one million she gave herself four years ago is now returning. Mother Shao satirized her for her innocence and asked her to open her mouth for ten million. Four years ago, she used feelings and self-esteem to offset her. One million. Shao’s mother said that Shao Mingzhe now has a very suitable girlfriend. She is Xia Ranran, the future heir of Hongyuan Group.

Su Mo has no family background to compare with her. Shao’s mother advised Su Mo to be content if she could find someone like Lin Xiangan, she would never be her daughter-in-law. Su Mo listened to Shao’s mother’s internal struggle, and told her that Shao Mingzhe had been with him a few days ago. Her self-esteem had been sold four years ago, and it seemed that she couldn’t get it back. Lin Xiangan quietly followed Su Mo and saw her go to see Mother Shao.

Shao Mingzhe and Xia Ranran came to the hospital to visit their grandfather. Shao Mingzhe showed him and Xia Ranran and the brand of egg rolls, and said that he was planning to invest in this brand. Grandpa was surprised. Shao Mingzhe and grandpa talked about the investment amount, but grandpa urged them to get married. Shao’s mother hurried to the hospital, but saw Shao Yunan at the door of the ward. Shao’s mother’s shout attracted the attention of Shao Mingzhe and Xia Ranran, and the two hurriedly chased them out. Shao Yunan ran away, and Shao Mingzhe checked the surveillance.

Shao’s mother insisted on staying in the hospital and waiting for Shao Yunan to appear. Shao Mingzhe and Xia Ranran told this story. Four years ago, Shao Yunan didn’t go on vacation abroad, but wanted to leave Shao’s mother before leaving. Xia Ranran immediately understood, and Understand that sentence, relatives should never abandon it. Shao Mingzhe asked about the morning proposal, but she hasn’t given her answer yet. Xia Ranran did not speak, but gave him a kiss to answer.

Su Mo came to the store and discovered that it was closed. She was working on the southern suburbs project at the time, and Lin Xiangan didn’t tell her. Su Mo asked Lin Xiangan to accompany him with something to eat and to feed him intimately. Lin Xiangan was very painful and struggling. Su Mo said that after returning to China, he has been abnormal.

No one in this world tolerates her like Lin Xiangan. Su Mo wants to start again with Lin Xiangan, begging him to give himself another chance, and said that what he did before was all for Xia Ranran Because Xia Ranran’s identity and Shao Mingzhe’s being with Shao Mingzhe improved his status, Lin Xiangan said that outsiders are not easy to intervene in their affairs.

Shao Kai looked at the photos of Xia Ranran and Chen Luo and smiled inwardly. Xia Ranran told Xia Hongyuan that Shao Mingzhe had proposed to him and they were happy together. Xia Ranran asked if Xia Hongyuan was happy to have another marriage, Xia Hongyuan sighed. Xia Ranran wanted to hold a celebration party for the employees, Xia Hongyuan agreed, and said that in the future this kind of thing can be decided by herself, Peng Jing was even more angry when she saw it. Xia Ranran celebrated with Chen Luo and others. Shao Kai suddenly came to Shao Mingzhe and took out a stack of photos saying that Xia Ranran had a man outside with him on his back.

He also saw her and Chen Luo coming out of the same room in the morning. Shao Mingzhe said that he knew about this, and Shao Kai scolded Shao Mingzhe to be crazy in order to seize power, so that such a woman who wants to be abused by three abusers, Shao Mingzhe almost beat him. Shao Kai kept saying that it was for Shao Mingzhe’s good and that he would not watch him jump into the fire pit. Shao Mingzhe threatened him with Shao Kai’s affairs at the factory.

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