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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 29 Recap

Shao Mingzhe threatened Shao Kai about the factory, and Shao Kai quickly stated that he would not talk about it. Shao Mingzhe called Xia Ranran and learned that Chen Luo was also there when their company had a party. Shao Mingzhe would go to her if he didn’t say anything. Chen Luo was drunk, Xia Ranran was also drunk, and the two took the opportunity to slip away. Xia Ranran sent Chen Luo home, and the two fell on the sofa drunk, laughing and joking.

Chen Luo suddenly embraced Xia Ranran, why everyone knows that Xia Ranran only knows what she wants for her. Chen Luo hoped that Xia Ranran would come to him. No matter how much he paid, he would keep Xia Ranran by his side. Xia Ranran immediately became sober and hurriedly wanted to run, but Chen Luo pulled back and helped her hang up. Shao Mingzhe’s phone call said that he and her were planned, and Xia Ranran was taken in by him! Chen Luo almost assaulted Xia Ranran, Xia Ranran was anxious to run and bumped his head.

Shao Mingzhe learned of Chen Luo’s address from the egg roll and drove off quickly. Xia Ranran shut herself in the bathroom. Shao Mingzhe knocked on the door. Xia Ranran refused to let Chen Luo open the door. If he knew he was here, Chen Luo Luo was dead. Chen Luo opened the door, saying that Xia Ranran was not here with him, and Shao Mingzhe insisted on going in. Xia Ranran hid in the room and refused to come out. Shao Mingzhe called her. Shao Mingzhe was very upset when she heard the bell ringing in the room. Xia Ranran knew that she could not hide her but could only come out and took the responsibility. Shao Mingzhe left.

Shao Mingzhe was very unhappy all the way. He asked Xia Ranran not to meet Chen Luo again. She didn’t know Xia Ranran’s heart for Sima Zhao. Besides, when Chen Luo held the power in Hongyuan, he didn’t know Xia. Ran Ran’s experience in the UK did not pay attention to her. Xia Ranran was very angry and kept saying that Chen Luo was her teacher. She had known Chen Luo longer than she had known Shao Mingzhe.

After taking a bath, Su Mo entangled Lin Xiang’an and went back to the room to sleep. Then he nestled in his arms and said that he returned to China to do something worthy of him. He didn’t expect things to be like this now. Su Mo wanted Lin Xiangan and Lin Xiaodong to talk about it, even if she didn’t participate, she didn’t want Xia Ranran to get this project.

Lin Xiangan was a little embarrassed, Su Mo softly pretended to be miserable. Today Su Mo told Mother Shao that she knew she didn’t really like Xia Ranran, but because of her family background. Su Mo kept saying that he hated Xia Ranran. Just now Shao’s mother spoke for Xia Ranran, so in order to make her unhappy, Su Mo tried his best to return to Shao Mingzhe.

Shao Mingzhe hugged Xia Ranran back to the room and threw it on the bed, asking her to sleep here tonight, but Xia Ranran angrily said that the relationship between them was over, and the two had a fight all night. Early the next morning, Chen Luo came to give Xia Hongyuan cold medicine. Xia Hongyuan asked him about his investigation of Shao Mingzhe.

Chen Luo said that Su Mo was his ex-girlfriend, but there was still a bond between them. This time Shao Mingzhe went to Anxian to be accompanied by Su Mo. his. Shaw is about to move the factory abroad, Xia Hongyuan also wants to think about it, and wants to send someone to inspect it first. Lao Zhou, who showed them the factory back then, his daughter went to study in New Zealand. She was beautiful and capable.

Now Lao Zhou is worrying about her daughter’s marriage and he has taken a fancy to Chen Luo. Xia Hongyuan hoped that Chen Luo would go to meet Lao Zhou’s daughter. Chen Luo refused to say that he had a girlfriend. Xia Hongyuan was surprised. After all, he had never heard him mention it. Chen Luo said that his girlfriend had been abroad before and was considering getting married recently.

Shao Mingzhe took Xia Ranran home for dinner. Grandpa and Shao Yunping were both there. Shao’s mother fell ill because of Shao Yun’an. Shao Mingzhe said that he didn’t want to make Shao’s mother unhappy anymore, so he decided to marry Xia Ranran and give her a ring in front of the two. Xia Ranran hesitated. She hadn’t talked to Xia Hongyuan about the big matter of marriage.

The grandfather obviously liked Xia Ranran very much, and he gave her the same gift, which was worn by her grandmother before her death. When he left, he asked grandpa to give this jewelry to the Shao family’s grandson-in-law. Xia Ranran was from the Shao family. Xia Ranran thought for a while and felt that she still couldn’t take it. She asked Shao Mingzhe to return it to her grandfather. Thinking that Chen Luo said last night that Shao Mingzhe was with herself for a purpose, she was a little uncertain, so she asked him if he was with himself for the purpose Succession to Shaw.

Shao Mingzhe also answered frankly yes, but his feelings for Xia Ranran are beyond doubt, and there is nothing in the world worth changing except Xia Ranran. Xia Ranran asked Shao Mingzhe to promise not to hide anything from her, and Shao Mingzhe agreed. In fact, he had another purpose of getting married, which was to force Shao Yunan to appear. He always felt that his disappearance was related to Shao Yunping.

After Xia Ranran arrived at the company, she learned that Chen Luo had taken leave to return to her hometown. She still had a lot of flowers in her office, which were sent by Shao Mingzhe. Xia Ranran teased him for being cheesy. Shao Yunping said that the marriage of Shao Mingzhe and Xia Ranran is a good thing. No matter who wins the bid, they can cooperate in the development of the southern suburbs project. Let him talk to Xia Hongyuan.

Chen Luo was not there, and Xia Ranran didn’t know who to ask for the work information. He wanted to ask him when he would come back, but he gave up the idea. Chen Luo took the initiative to send a message that the tea she likes to drink is in the drawer of her desk. If there is anything to ask Sophie or Annie, he will be back tomorrow. Chen Luo and Shao Mingzhe appeared in Xia Ranran’s mind at the same time, and they were very annoying.

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