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Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 28 Recap

Li Chuyao returned to the company and wanted to pay two months’ salary in advance. After calling Mr. Guo, the staff gave Chuyao a form for her to sign, saying that he would call her two months’ salary before leaving get off work, and said it was her. Chuyao was surprised to hear that he was fired for his severance pay. She just wanted to ask why, when her mobile phone rang, she hurried to the new house after listening to the call, only to find a court seal stuck on the door.

Mother Li was sitting on the sofa in a daze. She always felt that she was ill in the early morning and was hospitalized. Her wife smiled and comforted her to study in school early in the morning. That night, Chuyao was calculating the expenses in the room. When her father came back from get off work and asked her how Luo Shu was, she said she was not awake. He gave her two bank cards, which were originally used by Luo Shu and her to get married, but now they are used for Luo Shu’s treatment. Chuyao said that she didn’t need to pay her salary in advance, and her father told her not to carry it.

Han Zimo turned on the phone and saw that Chu Yao had sent him a lot of messages. He felt that something happened to her in China. He told his mother that he wanted to go back to China. His mother advised his son how his father should go back now. At this time, his father suddenly gave first aid and the doctors and nurses hurried. Go in to check, their mother and son also quickly followed in.

At the beginning of the day, Yao sat by the hospital bed and read stories to Luo Shu. He just glanced at the door and sat in a daze on the chair outside. Lin Yu held Hua and Qin Yun to read Luo Shu. Lin Yu asked Chu Yao about the list outside. Under what circumstances, Chu Yao said that she would stay here for five days and she would not leave unless Luo Shu wakes up. Taking advantage of the early days of not paying attention, Lin Yu stuffed a large envelope under Luo Shu’s pillow. After Chuyao found out, she caught up with them and said that she couldn’t ask for the money. Lin Yu said that this was the deposit returned to her by the wedding company.

After that, Qin Yun looked around the house for his mother’s passbook to save money for him to buy a car. Lin Yu said that the money was given to Chuyao. Qin Yun knew that Lin Yu was in the hospital that day because he was afraid that Chuyao would not accept it. Said that the money was the deposit refunded by the wedding company, and Lin Yu said that they had to help Chu Yao’s family for such a big event. She also planned to give the income from the bar to Chu Yao in the future.

Mr. Guo called Wu Yajun to ask for money, and said that Chu Yao’s brother Li Luoshu was lying unconscious in the hospital, and Wu Yajun would pay him back if he didn’t want to be a vegetative. Hearing that Luoshu had developed a new technology, Wu Yajun asked Huayang to check which hospital Luoshu was staying in, and then released the news. He secretly said that he wanted to make a comeback under his nose.

Chang Dale and Niu Siyi finally got in touch with Zhou Lin and Zhang Yu. They went to visit Luo Shu, but they saw a bunch of media reporters at the door of the ward. They just closed the door to prevent them from entering. They saw Chang Dale , They asked some ridiculous questions around him, and Dale and others told them not to shoot. Looking at the chaotic scene, Shan Yian who happened to be here was very angry. He solemnly told these media reporters that all matters are now handled by the police, and if they don’t leave, they will call the police immediately. No matter who leaked the news, who hired them, go back and tell that person that they will stay here forever, so that they don’t waste their thoughts.

After the media reporter left, Shan Yian and others walked into the ward. Luo Shu, who was lying on the bed, had not yet woken up. Shan Yian asked Chu Yao if the person who beat them before had been found by the police. Chu Yao said she was still looking for her. Tell him those people are looking for Han Yaoming and say they owe them money. Seeing her sister staying here, Shan Yi’an asked her to go home with him. She just didn’t go back. She wanted to stay closer to Luoshu. Brother leave her alone. Shan Yian couldn’t look at her, so she decided to find a hotel nearby to open the best room, so that she could take a rest when she had time. Seeing that Chuyao was tired alone, Da Le suggested that they take turns to take care of Luo Shu. Si Yi felt that Da Le was very careful.

Huayang passed by Wu Yajun’s office this day, watching him sitting in a chair back to the door and making a call with Mr. Guo, Huayang became more mindful and quietly turned on the mobile phone recording function. On the phone, Wu Yajun said that Guo Jiangfeng had found someone to hit Li Luoshu, and now he wanted to find someone to hit him. He borrowed Guo Jiangfeng’s 100 guts to try.

When he hung up the phone, he was shocked when Huayang called him. He asked Huayang which hospital Li Luoshu was staying at. Huayang said how he could find it. Wu Yajun said that he couldn’t find it or he didn’t want to check it. Huayang had sold them, would they still treat him as his own. Hua Yang said that Mr. Wu should know where Luo Shu lives. People outside didn’t know that Luo Shu was hospitalized. Mr. Wu knew. Wu Yajun said that Li Luoshu had nothing to do with him. If Hua Yang wanted to know who did it. Go to Longxiang.

Father Li caught the murderer who beat Luoshu, but didn’t ask who was behind the scenes. When Chuyao discovered Luo Shu’s manual operation in the hospital, he was pleasantly surprised to call the doctor to come over. The doctor said that this was an involuntary activity of the patient’s body, indicating that the patient had responded to the sound stimulation. She just joked that she would sell Chuxin Technology before he wakes up, but Luo Shu did not respond. Chu Yao said that he was just joking. Luo Shu’s finger moved again, and the doctor said that Chu Yao’s voice had a special comfort for the patient. It works, so she can talk to the patient more.

Chuyao went to pay the medical bills for Luoshu but was told that a girl had already paid. She came home and saw Shan Shan chatting with her mother. When she left, Chuyao thanked her for helping Luoshu pay for the medical bills. Give it back, just say no, as long as Luoshu gets better. I was talking about Shan Yian calling Chuyao, and Chuyao and Shan Shan went to see him.

Shan Yian told Chuyao that after investigating and discovering that Chuyao was expelled, Long Xiang was investigated by the relevant authorities, and it was implicated that Han Yaoming owed him before. It is estimated that the murderer was Han Yaoming’s creditor, and he might still come to Chuyao to make her be careful. She didn’t expect the Luo Shu accident to be related to the Han family. She guessed that Han Yaoming was not going to treat the illness or hiding in the United States and dare not return.

At night Li’s father came to the hospital. He was worried that the money in the passbook was not enough, so he let Chuyao sell the house. Chuyao disagreed that the medical bills had been paid up, and she would write an IOU and return the money to her. Hua Yang went to the police station and put the report letter in the report box. At this time Luo Shu finally woke up, Chu Yao was very happy, but the doctor’s examination was not optimistic.

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