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Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 29 Recap

Li Luoshu, who had been lying on the hospital bed for half a month, finally woke up, but his legs did not feel. The doctor told him that this was because of spinal injuries and lying in bed for too long, it was inevitable that both legs would be affected. A CT. After the doctor left, Luo Shu asked with concern whether Li Chuyao was injured and who those people were. Chu Yao said he was okay, and those people were still investigating. He only heard that Luo Shu woke up and ran over happily, and Chuyao pretended to pay the fee for them to talk. Just ask Luo Shu what would happen to him if the situation was changed to her at that time. Luo Shu said that he would do the same if she changed it to her. I was very touched by hearing it, but Luo Shu added another sentence out of his kindness. .

At the elevator entrance, the doctor told Chu Yao about the results of CT examinations of Luoshu’s waist. Luoshu’s lumbar plexus nerve was compressed. If the bone nerves were compressed, it is not easy to say whether he can stand up in the future. Chuyao was surprised when she heard these words, and these words happened to be heard by the passerby. She was shocked that the bag in her hand fell on the ground and the apples were scattered all over the place. Chuyao told him not to tell Luo Shu. Chang Dale and his friends heard that Luo Shu woke up and rushed to the hospital. Luo Shu couldn’t help seeing Zhou Lin and Zhang Yu coming back. Zhang Yu assured Luo Shu that they had planned everything they would do in the future while he was the sleeping beauty.

Thanks to the video sent to the police station in the morning, the murderers who hurt Luoshu were recruited, but because it was too early at the time, the police did not pay attention to who sent the video. When he returned home, Li’s father told Chu Yao that the man behind the scenes was Guo Jiangfeng, the current chairman of Long Xiang. When Chu Yao heard that it was him, she told her father that Zimo’s father owed Guo Jiangfeng a large sum of money before going abroad, and that Luo Shu was expelled as soon as she was hospitalized. In order to prevent his wife from arguing for the early morning, Li’s father and his daughter said that Luo Shu went to a closed study abroad.

In the office that day, Guo Jiangfeng was asking if he had found Han Yaoming’s whereabouts. The police came suddenly. He was arrested for instigating deliberately injuring others. Guo Jiangfeng insisted on what evidence was there to arrest him. Colleagues talked about this situation. . When Luo Shu saw that Guo Jiangfeng was arrested by text messages on his mobile phone, he asked him what he was beaten had to do with Guo Jiangfeng, and he told Luo Shu what he knew.

Afterwards, she just returned home, and Shan Yian saw her sister unhappy and asked her what was wrong, saying that Luo Shu might never stand up. Shan Yian blamed himself that Luo Shu’s injury was related to him. He deliberately told the falsification of Feiyi Technology’s financial statements. If the matter did not make a big deal, Guo Jiangfeng’s shares would not fall sharply, and he would not. I was forced to find the little gangster to follow Chuyao for revenge, but Guo Jiangfeng was too ruthless, because he killed Luo Shu. Just saying that it is not brother’s responsibility so that he doesn’t have to blame himself.

Luo Shu asked Dale Longxiang what was wrong. Dale said that there is nothing wrong with Longxiang. Even the marriage house of Zimo and Chuyao was sealed by the court, saying that it was Han Yaoming who lied to Guo Jiangfeng and other shareholders before leaving. With a large sum of money, they could only find Chuyao if they couldn’t find anyone.

It was a miserable harm to Chuyao. Luo Shu felt that the Han family was cruel enough, and it seemed that Han Yaoming had planned the marriage to make his sister a scapegoat. Lin Yu came to the bar and found that the waiter asked the guests at the checkout to scan another QR code. Only then did he know that Qin Yun had secretly kept part of the profit from her. When he returned home in the evening, Qin Yun apologized to her for doing something wrong. Lin Yu said that it is a special period in Luoshu now, and Qin Yun can run the bar as he wants when he gets better.

At the beginning of the day, Luo Shu massaged Luo Shu’s legs. Luo Shu said that he already knew about the Han family. Chu Yao said that everything was over, and she and Zimo had no longer contacted him. Luo Shu said that the Han family had all their debts. Throwing it to her is very unfair to her. Maybe there will be some trouble in the future. Chuyao thinks that he doesn’t have what the debt collector wants. After a long time, they will naturally not trouble her. Shan Yi’an wanted to invest in Chuxin Technology and was opposed by the company, so he found another investor for Luoshu. Luoshu was very happy to tell them the good news.

Chuyao submitted a resume online, and the other party called her to go to the company for an interview tomorrow. When she passed the doctor’s office, she heard that Shan Yian asked the doctor to heal Luo Shu no matter what. Chu Yao told him that Luo Shu was her younger brother, and she would find a way to collect the expenses. Shan Yi’an said that medical expenses are no longer a small amount, and future rehabilitation will be a bottomless pit.

The HR of his company saw her resume online, and she could not make much money doing part-time jobs. If Chuyao doesn’t want him to pay for this fee, he might as well go to work in his company. The medical expenses are slowly deducted from her salary. She doesn’t have to work, but he wants to see the effectiveness of her work by getting Luo Shu to stand up as soon as possible. Chuyao felt that what he said was reasonable and agreed.

When Chuyao came to the ward, she saw Luo Shu sitting on the ground with an overturned wheelchair. She hurried in and asked Luo Shu if she was okay. Luo Shu asked if she could not stand up. Then the doctor told Luo Shu that because of his nerve damage and long-term bed rest, he could stand up only with long-term rehabilitation. The time was as short as three months, as long as one year, three years, or even more.

The probability of recovering to the same level as ordinary people is relatively low, which is one in a thousand. The doctor also said that the damaged nerve in his lumbar spine had been necrotic, and that the damaged nerve could be cut off and reconnected with surgery. However, the operation cost was extremely high, and Chuyao let the doctor not worry about the cost issue and they would get together. She comforted Luo Shu to adjust his mentality and meet the operation in the best state, and he will definitely stand up.

Chu Yao went to Lin Yu to borrow money to collect the surgery fee. Lin Yu gave her the bank card and said that this was the profit of the bar. Chu Yao said that the money might be returned to her slowly. Lin Yu smiled and said that the bar is Zimo Yes, he should pay the money. Lin Yu asked if Zimo had any news, Chu Yao shook her head. She has accepted the reality, and now she only hopes that Luo Shu can get better soon.

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