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Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 30 Recap

Because Li Luoshu’s surgery cost was very high, Niu Siyi suggested that all his partners should do their best. Everyone responded. Then Siyi gave everyone’s thoughts to Li Chuyao, but she refused to accept it. Siyi had to keep this for her. A bank card, let Chuyao tell her when he needs it.

Chuyao reported to Shan Yian’s company and heard that Mr. Shan had already asked him to go to the hospital to pay for the surgery. Chuyao quickly said no. She had already made up almost the surgery fee. Shan Yian laughed and said that Luoshu’s treatment cost he Be responsible. In order to make Chu Yao feel at ease, according to what they said before, from the beginning of this month, Yao only received two-thirds of his salary, and the remaining money was returned to him. He didn’t arrange any work for Chuyao, let her concentrate on taking care of Luoshu.

Soon after Luo Shu was pushed into the operating room again, Chu Yao, Shan Shan and others waited anxiously outside. Then the doctor came out and announced that the operation was a success. Everyone could not help but breathe a sigh of relief. The doctor reminded them whether the patient can stand up or not depends on future rehabilitation training. Next, the family will help him to supervise it. This is a very difficult process and the patient needs a lot of perseverance.

A few months later, the doctor checked Luo Shu and said that his operation was very successful, his nervous system had been naturally anastomosed and he had a sensory and natural response. However, he will face a difficult and boring training process. Whether he can stand up depends entirely on him. His will is gone. Then Luo Shu began to recover. On this day, he was holding the poles on both sides of his body with his hands and moving his feet forward with difficulty. Suddenly he was unstable and almost fell. Chu Yao and Shan Shan next to him hurriedly supported him, Luo Shu asked Chu Is it useful to practice like this? Chu Yao said that this is a long process and can only go step by step. She encouraged him to continue practicing.

Si Yi went to see Mr. Jia, an investor in Chuxin Technology, but Mr. Jia couldn’t help being a little anxious because they didn’t do anything. Xiao Shan made a military order with him. If this continues, all of Xiao Shan’s net worth will be lost to them. Lost it all. Si Yi returned to the company to see that everyone was playing games and couldn’t help being very angry. Chang Dale quickly explained that they really played a game after finishing their work to ease the tension.

Wu Yajun asked the sponsor Qian about the ad placement offer. Qian always felt that their prices were a bit high. He also mentioned Chuxin Technology. Wu Yajun laughed and said that Li Luoshu was disabled and he is still in the hospital. There is no article on Chuxin Technology by Li Luoshu. not worth. When President Qian heard this, he immediately changed his attitude and said that Wu Yajun wanted them to be the chief sponsor. Wu Yajun happily said of course.

President Fang went to Longxiang and wanted to invest more but was rejected. He saw that Li Chuyao didn’t come to the meeting. It was strange. The other party told him that she had found another job and went to work in Longtian. Fang always complained that they even kept such good employees. Can’t stay. Afterwards Fang always went to Shan Yian for cooperation, and Shan always said he would consider it.

Just ask Zhang Zhiyuan to help Luo Shu recover. The originally confident coach Zhang couldn’t help but feel very embarrassed after seeing Luo Shu’s situation. He only can recover muscles and joints. It is as complicated as Luo Shu’s situation. Just don’t embarrass him, Coach Zhang hurriedly left.

On this day, the product was almost ready. Dale ordered crayfish and waited for Siyi in the store. Unexpectedly, Mr. Sun, the investor, suddenly found Siyi. Si Yi hurried over. Mr. Sun knew that Li Luoshu was hospitalized, and that Chuxin Technology hadn’t come up with products for a long time, and he couldn’t help but worry about investment. Siyi told Mr. Sun that they had completed the initial setup of the product. After reading the content of her demonstration, Mr. Sun felt that there was a gap with the plan, so he asked her when she could see the product. Siyi said that this requires a process. Mr. Sun didn’t want to wait indefinitely, and asked her to give his secretary a certain time tomorrow, so that they could also correctly evaluate their investment in Chuxin Technology.

Dale was very depressed to see that Siyi could not come. He drank draft beer and ate crayfish. After a while, the table was full of shrimp shells and empty glasses. After Siyi arrived, he had to wait for Siyi and Siyi. He had no choice but to pull and drag him away, who was drunk. The next day, Siyi told everyone that their products would not be available until six months at the earliest. She worried that Mr. Sun could not wait, so she contacted Mr. Shan and hoped that he could help think of a solution.

At this time, Chuyao called Si Yi, saying that Luo Shu was emotionally unstable because of his rehabilitation progress, and hoped they could persuade him. So Siyi and his partners came to the hospital with flowers and fruit baskets. Zhou Lin wanted to change Luoshu’s wheelchair to a smart one, equipped with a remote control, and then press the LCD screen. Siyi quickly coughed and wanted him to stop. , Luo Shu laughed and said that they were OK, he couldn’t stand up, right, Si Yi said they didn’t mean that, Luo Shu also understood that it was just a joke. He didn’t want them to get distracted because of him, and Si Yi and Dale said that he was their spiritual support, so that he would get better quickly.

Mother asked Chuyao when Luoshu would come back. The wedding was delayed and delayed. Did she break up with Luoshu? Chuyao said no, but her mother felt that there must be a problem between Luoshu and Chuyao.

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