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Never Say Goodbye (TV Series)

Don’t say goodbye – 不說再見

“Never Say Goodbye” starring Ren Jialun, Zhang Junning, Kou Shixun, Zhang Xilin, Liu Enyou, Xiong Naijin, Manifesto, and directed by Yin Fei, the drama tells the story of drug police Mu Qing going deep into the drug cartel as an undercover agent , Under the circumstances, the story of an emotional entanglement with Ou Kexin, the daughter of a drug cartel leader, and working with him to prevent the flow of new drugs into China. – Never Say Goobye

Three years ago, due to the intelligence error of criminal police Liu Yuanwen, his fiancée and new criminal policeman died in the fire scene of drug dealers. Due to the death of his sister, the criminal police of the anti-narcotics brigade Glory turned against his good brother Liu Yuanwen. Liu Yuanwen left the police station in frustration and disappeared. For revenge, Glory became the captain of the Yungang Anti-drug Brigade after three years of continuous efforts.

In order to destroy the drug trafficking K group and dig out the “ghost” behind the international drug trafficking organization leader, the Municipal Public Security Bureau mobilized resources to set up the “84 group”, honoring revenge and resolutely took over the position of group leader, but unexpectedly the group’s first task was actually Provide support to Liu Yuanwen, the only undercover agent in the “K” group, and help him reach the core of the K organization. Therefore, the reality is ruthless, so that the two people who are burdened by fate can only choose to cooperate again. As they approach the truth step by step, they find that Rong Yu may be still alive.

Director: Yin Fei, Wang Lei

Screenwriters: Chen Xue, Zheng Dongying, Zhou Hang

Starring: Ren Jialun, Zhang Junning, Kou Shixun, Zhang Xilin, Liu Enyou, Xiong Naijin, Manifesto

Number of episodes: 47 episodes

Broadcast date: 2020

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