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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 38 Recap

Yao Jia conveyed Lu Buwei’s request to govern the country in “Lu Shi Chun Qiu” to Ying Zheng. On the day of the Chu King’s funeral, Li Si came to Chu to visit Chun Shenjun. He accidentally heard the conversation between Zhu Ying and Huang Xie in the mansion. Then he learned that Li Yuan had been raising the assassins for a long time regardless of military affairs and wanted to confront Huang. Rest unfavorable.

However, Huang Xie didn’t take it seriously. Zhu Ying knew that his words would not be adopted. She fled overnight for fear of disaster. At first Li Si still had doubts, but when he learned that Huang Xie had been killed, it instantly became clear that he immediately sent someone to find Zhu Ying and ask for details.

Chun Shenjun was assassinated in Thorns Gate, and the assassin who wanted to assassinate Li Si was also forced to stop. Li Si learned of the cause of Chunshen’s death and the scandal of the Chu aristocracy, and discussed with Yangquan to return to Qin as soon as possible. The assassins sent by Lai Lu once again attacked Li Si, and Li Xin, who was secretly ordered by the King of Qin, arrived and rescued Li Si and Yangquan.

Under the frustration of Gongzi Yu and others, she arranged for her cronies to hold important positions. Ying Zheng drew his sword to intimidate her, Zhao Ji stood up to protect each other, Qin Wangzheng was surprised and puzzled by Zhao Ji’s behavior, and the relationship between mother and child became more and more alienated. The situation in Xianyang was turbulent, and the clan was dissatisfied with the chaos in Xianyang, and took over the customs and entered Xianyang to prepare for the order. Wang Wan told Lu Buwei about the quarrel between Yingzheng and Zhao Ji because of his wife’s unauthorized rights.

Mihua conceived in October and gave birth to a child. Ying Zheng heard the news and was overjoyed. Li Si quickly congratulated, saying that there will be a successor to Qin. Ying Zheng named Fusu for this son, which means vanilla Jiamu. He loved him and placed boundless expectations on him. Yingyu brought Yingyu to see Guan Neihou. Unexpectedly, Yingyu’s remarks angered Guanneihou, and Guanneihou wanted to expel Yingyu from the clan. Yingyu left in grief and angrily, turning to Li Si for help, Li Si promised to let King Qin help Yingyu regain her clan status in the future. Lu Buwei tried his best to reassure all parties in order to avoid stimulating chaos before the crowning of the Qin Dynasty.

Qin people from counties near Xianyang came to fight to protect Xianyang. The arrows in Mincheng are not as frequent as in the previous few days. Prince Dan and others feel that they will be able to take Mincheng within three days.

Wang Jian offered a solution to Ying Zhengzheng. Ying Zheng handed over his 20,000 army to Wang Jian. Wang Jian rushed to the front of the general overnight and replaced the general to support the city. On the second day, there were not enough bows and arrows in Mincheng, and everyone had to fight hand-to-hand. Wang Jian and Fan Yuqi led the army to break through, swearing to the death to kill.

Just when Wang Jian and others were about to lose support, reinforcements came to support Wang Jian. At the same time, the reinforcements also rushed to the city to besieged and suppressed General Pang and rescued the city. This was the last time the five countries combined to attack Qin.

At night Li Si was still guarding outside the side hall, Ying Zheng thought of Li Si’s words in the hall. Li Si and Lu Buwei have exactly the opposite views. Ying Zheng summoned Li Si and asked Li Si’s enemy to send him to the door. Li Si believed that Yingzheng suffered more sufferings than Yue Wang Goujian, but he also had more sufferings than Yue Wang. Qin didn’t need to fear anyone, and Ying Zheng didn’t need to be patient. What should be done now is to wait for the moment. Waiting for Zhao’s chaos, you can easily destroy Zhao. Yingzheng thought for a long time and did not speak.

Dong’er cooked some Handan food for Zhao Ji, and Dong’er told Zhao Ji that the bully had come to Qin. Dong’er told Zhao Ji about the hatred between Prince Zhao and Ying Zheng and others. Zhao Ji felt that Ying Zheng had no right to avenge herself, and Lu Buwei protected Prince Zhao. Then avenge him.

Prince Zhao entered Qin without saying a word. Do not understand etiquette. Prince Zhao directly called Yingzheng’s name in public in the court hall, and Zhao Ji also took the opportunity to send Prince Zhao to the Lishan Xiu Mausoleum and let him perform the hardest labor. Lu Buwei wanted to speak for Prince Zhao, but Zhao Ji refuted it. Lu Buwei talked about the pros and cons to Zhao Ji. Zhao Ji realized that it was inappropriate for him to do so. Zhao Ji asked Lu Buwei why he did not inform in advance. Now that the edict has been issued, it is difficult to dismiss it. Lu Buwei decided to let him serve in Lishan first and retrieve it later.

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