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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 39 Recap

More than a dozen county magistrates in Qinchuan reported secretly that they all claimed that they were sent to Yong by the Queen Mother and could not refuse. Seeing this report, Lu Buwei suddenly felt very troublesome. He suddenly remembered the edict of the first king. His inner intention was to worship the prince’s concubine Changben as the monarch, and he could also be a secret soldier of the royal family. Because Guan Nei Hou was the chief of the Qin clan, he was in charge of the clan and was in charge of the genealogy and lineage, so Lu Buwei personally went to the ancestral temple to discuss long-term strategies.

Lu Buwei tried his best to reassure all parties in order to avoid stimulating chaos before the crowning of the Qin Dynasty. Because of this, Lai failed to assassinate Li Si, and wanted to buy him with a heavy gift. Ying Yu talked about the benefits of Qin Wang’s crowning to Lai, and her sense of crisis greatly increased. Guan Nei Hou, please see the Qin Wangzheng, want to expel Yingyu from the clan and deal with her, Yingzheng did not agree.

With the support of the Queen Mother Zhao Ji, the maiden confided with Yingyu, and did not put Guan Neihou in his eyes. Yingyu was very thoughtful and dared not to relax his vigilance. He simply gave an advice before going to Xiangfu to see Lu Buwei.

Lu Buwei persuaded Guanneihou to leave Xianyang and return to Yongcheng in the ancestral temple, but Guanneihou refused to scold Lu Buwei angrily. After hunting and assassination, she exclaimed while resisting. After a few strokes, she saw the assassin approaching with a sword and was at stake. Fortunately, she was saved by the attendant. The assassin ran away, and Yingyu suggested starting the investigation from Jinxianju.

Knowing that he had missed his hand, Zheng Huo sent someone to kill the assassin and sent the person who killed the assassin away. She killed people in Jinxianju and forced to question Yifeng. Under Yingyu’s instruction and persecution, the boss of Jinxianju, Yifeng, falsely accused the assassination of Changxinhou was done by Guanneihou and Weiyang.

Yifeng asked Lu Buwei for help, and Zheng Yi and Zheng Huo came forward. Lu Buwei persuaded Zhao Ji not to pursue this matter, Zhao Ji agreed. Lu Buwei called Yingyu to the Xiangfu for interrogation. Yingyu refused to admit that he had framed Guanneihou and Weiyang.

When Yingyu saw King Qin, King Qin stunned Yingyu in a few words, and Yingyu swore to obey Li Si’s arrangements to do things for King Qin. Yingzha realized that Guanneihou was in danger and arranged for Guanneihou to leave Xianyang overnight. Yingyu urged her confidant Wei Wei to go with her to capture Guanneihou.

Wei Hong had the care of Longyang Jun and went to the palace to meet the king. Li Si and Yingzheng discussed the matter of 嫪毐, the Xiangbang and the Queen Mother were rewarded by the 嫪寐, and the people who supervised the country and the people in charge had a rift. It was a good time to regain rights. At night, Lu Buwei drove back to the house and met an assassin lying in ambush upstairs.

Li Si reminded Wang Wan that everything should be based on the great king, no matter what the situation, he must know who is the real king of Daqin. Wei Guo wanted to find a way out and put all his thoughts on Lai Lu. Ying Zheng went to check on the site of the canal repair. If the court of Lai Lumen was well received, envoys from various countries also went to Xianyang to visit Lai Lu.

Li Si practiced day and night at Fan Yuqi. Ying Zheng asked Fan Yuqi about Li Si, who would like to inspect Li Si for a few days before deciding whether to see Li Si. When Fan Yuqi came to see Li Si, Li Si was drinking. Li Si argued that he was not on duty today and why he couldn’t drink. In order to fix Li Si, Fan Yuqi immediately decided that he was also on duty tonight.

Lu Buwei announced his commendation to Meng Yu and others in the court hall, but Gong Gong beheaded the enemy army, which violated the new law and was to be punished. Gong Gong asked King Qin to speak for himself, but Zhao Ji wanted to win over Lu Buwei and agreed to what Lu Buwei did. Gong Gong is Qin’s general. When dealing with matters such as that of the general, Lu Buwei does not discuss with Ying Zheng in advance. Ying Zheng originally wanted to speak for Gong Gong, but he could not resist Lu Buwei’s power. After this incident, Qin Junzai did not decapitate, but since then Ying Zheng has had some suspicions with Lu Buwei.

Yao Jia felt that Ying Zheng was a little unhappy when he went to court today. But Lu Buwei thinks he is just childish. Lu Buwei asked about Cheng Xun’s situation, and Yao Jia felt that Cheng Xun is now studying hard and will surely become a national pillar in the future. Lu Buwei believes that the most important thing now is to promote water conservancy. Yao Jia suggested using Li Bing, but Lu Buwei believes that Li Bing is old and he wants to seek the best of the world to treat floods.

King Han looked at Qin’s strength, if Qin Dong came out, Korea would be the first one to destroy. Now I want to find a good strategy. At this time, Han Fei proposed reforms to be strong, which made Han Bianqiang strong. But King Han did not agree with Han Fei’s reform. At this time, King Han received an order from Lu Buwei for seeking talents, and he saw the water worker Zheng Guo, and he wanted to make a living.

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