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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 5 Recap

The three brothers came to the Aning camp. Wang Fatzi and Pan Zi couldn’t help trembling when they looked at the tragic scene. Wu Xie fled in a hurry without any supplies. He had to find him quickly, otherwise the consequences would be unpredictable. He and Pan Zi were led by their brothers and walked around the Devil’s City, only to find that they had encountered ghosts hitting the wall again, and they could not go out under any circumstances. The three decided to camp on the spot and go on the road tomorrow.

After escaping from his life, Wu Xie recalled to Aning the corpse and turtle king of the seven-star Lu royal palace that day, and still had lingering fears. Unexpectedly, he saw such a monster in the desert thousands of miles away. Although the two narrowly saved their lives, they also lost their way in this dangerous devil city. The two walked in one direction before it was dark, but there was no water or food. Soon they were exhausted.

Soon it was dark. The temperature difference between day and night in the desert was huge. The clothes soaked in sweat became wet and cold at night. Wu Xie did not know whether he would freeze to death first tonight or dehydrate after the sun came out tomorrow. To die, Aning ridiculed him for thinking too much. Why don’t you think about how to make a stone trough to sleep and keep warm at night?

Xie Yuchen looked at the dense mycelium in front of him and couldn’t help but have a headache. Xie Yuchen was confident that he could escape from the gerbil cave with bone shrinking skills because he was a child, but black glasses couldn’t do it.

Although the two quarreled all the way, they were also brothers in distress. In the end, black glasses found a pipe connection with extraordinary hearing. At the end, the two finally used the detonator to find a way out. This is an oil pipeline. The explosion is bound to cause oil burning, so there is not much time left for them to escape. After the black glasses pushed Xie Yuchen up first, the burning fire reflected his face…

The next day, when Wu Xie woke up, he found that Aning wanted to kill himself with a dagger. He had no choice but to close his eyes and prepare to accept his fate. However, Aning hesitated for a moment. He watched the friend who saved himself from the King of Turtles, but finally did nothing. The two dragged the weak body and continued to move forward.

Aning put it all the way. Ancient coins are used as marks. Even if the people in the follow-up rescue can’t find them alive, it is nature to collect the corpses. Due to the sun, the two sat on the ground, almost without even the strength to speak. In order to keep awake, Wu Xie kept talking to Aning, but how could the human will resist the cruel natural environment and the only physical strength? In the end, the two fainted one after another.

On this side, Wang Fatzi, who continued to look for Wu Xie, found the copper money left by Aning. Wang Fatzi, who was open for money, was so happy to see that he couldn’t see his teeth. However, after a slight reaction, he remembered that this was the copper money worn by Aning. It must be in a desperate situation, and this girl used such a precious thing as a road sign.

After a ordeal, they finally found Wu Xie, who was dying. Wu Xie also learned that the little brother Wang Fatty and even black glasses were taking over the work of the third uncle. The old fox of the third uncle also came to the desert himself. Everyone had their own ghosts. Only they were desperately begging for Bai Lai to follow him.

Along the way, they came from the Seven-star Lu Palace to the Xishahai. At the bottom of the Genting Heavenly Palace, the previous generation checked again that their own generation was involved in it, who was the person with the same face in the video, and where all this ended. Aning also took the opportunity to propose cooperation. Wu Xie hesitated, not only him, but also everyone present for the final secret.

Fortunately, Wang Fatty looked heartless and careless, but it was he who woke up the people present. The reason why the Devil City was called Devil City was that the special Yadan landform formed a huge labyrinth, which enveloped everyone in it. Devil City was an ancient battlefield in ancient times, and the legendary Western Queen Mother was a A master of Qimen Dunjia used this invisible wall to defend her kingdom.

In addition, according to Chen Wenjin’s notes, then the Western Queen Mother Palace should be in the Devil City. And the dry ancient river, connected with the Gobi Desert, how can we identify its location? Just when everyone was in a headache, suddenly the sky, lightning, thunder and dark clouds burst into five, unexpectedly rain intermittently.

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